In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting protective measures enacted by Texas Tech, University Student Housing has detailed new regulations regarding residence halls and the move-out process. 

Previously, Tech stated residence halls would remain open, although students were encouraged to move out, according to an email on Tuesday from the Office of the President. 

However, residence halls are now locked down to only allow access to students who signed up to stay during spring break, according to the University Student Housing website. If students require housing and did not stay over the break, they can contact the housing office at

Tech will review requests for emergency housing in residence halls via this email. To qualify, students must:

  • Have a permanent residence outside of the United States in a country they cannot travel to.
  • Have required academic activities, as deemed by their academic department, necessitating them to remain on campus.
  • Have personal circumstances requiring them to stay on campus including no permanent address, an inability to complete courses remotely from home due to technology capabilities, an inability to return home due to a health/safety threat, being an independent, being part of or aging out of the foster care system, etc. 

Students who now need to move out of their residence halls must sign up for check-out time if they are currently not on campus.They can do so at

Dates and times will be available from March 23 to May 15, and students will have access to their residence halls with their IDs for a three-hour window to remove their belongings, according to the University Student Housing website.

Residents are still being asked to remove all items and trash and clean their spaces with supplies they have brought, according to the University Student Housing website. Cleaning supplies and carts will not be checked out to limit germ transference.

An Express Check-out process will be utilized in which envelopes will be attached to each door with listed steps, and students will place their keys in their envelopes prior to dropping them off in mail slots or mailboxes. Room inspections will not be conducted, however residents may still be charged for obvious damages. 

Students who are currently on-campus do not need to sign up for a checkout time but must complete their move by March 22. If unable to do so, they should contact University Student Housing. 

If students have already moved out all of their belongings, they should contact University Student Housing at to officially checkout and return their keys. Residents can mail their keys back, but University Student Housing is not responsible for keys lost in the mail. 

More information on mailing keys, housing, the move out process and staying in residence halls is available at: 

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