United Supermarkets Arena

United Supermarkets Arena is located at 1701 Indiana Avenue.

During the spring season of sports, the United Supermarkets Arena is home to men’s and women’s basketball. 

This year, the arena will hold a total of 20 basketball games between the Red Raider and Lady Raider Basketball programs, according to the United Supermarkets Arena website. 

During a game, if there any fans who feel sick or become injured, they are to report to the first aid room or let an event staff member know of the situation. Event staff members will be marked as such. 

Moreover, inside the arena there is a first aid room located on the north concourse, according to Meredith Kent, the Venue Director and Texas Tech University Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services. 

For all major arena events, there are on-site EMS crews who can respond to all medical situations a fan may have. 

Also available for fans are Assisted Listening Devices (ALD). Anyone who wishes to use these devices will need to have a valid driver’s license in order to check it out. The ALD’s must be returned by the end of the event. 

If a child is lost or missing during an event, parents are asked to go to the south concourse and locate the event control room, according to the United Supermarkets Arena website. There the area management will contact and work with the Texas Tech University Police who will help and solve the situation.

The lost and found is also located in the event control room on the south concourse for fans to report or claim and lost items, according to arena guide. Fans are asked to wait until the end of the event to claim or report any items. 

The Lady Raider match against the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 25 in the United Supermarkets Arena. At 6 p.m. that same day, the men’s basketball team will take the court to play Northwestern State.

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