The 2019-20 editor-in-chiefs for the Texas Tech's student publication, The Daily Toreador and the La Ventana, were selected by the Toreador Media committee on Thursday night.

Austin Watts, a senior journalism major from Sweetwater, was selected as The DT’s editor-in-chief and Davian Hopkins, a senior graphic design and creative media industries major from Lancaster, was re-selected as editor-in-chief for La Ventana.

Katie Langford, chairperson for the committee, said both applicants are qualified and have many years of experience with the two publications.

“Davian with his Pacemaker awards in the last two years, and I have seen the page proofs from this past year, and they look stunning. Austin has been mentored by McKenzi (Morris) to prepare to be editor-in-chief,” she said. “There are exciting changes in the past years for them to maintain and advance.”

During the applicant’s interviews, Langford said the committee looked for the necessary qualities needed for the positions.

“We look for enthusiasm for the position, experience, if they are good at working with staff and how they are at managing different roles of being a student and a professional,” Langford said. “They also need to represent Tech well.”

Watts said he already has goals to improve The DT moving forward.

“We have a lot of young potential that I can see playing a big role in the future,” he said. “I want to make a facility of learning where we can get better, and I want to work with potential and get better.”

Hopkins said he wants to make La Ventana more prominent around campus.

“I want to promote the yearbook more in the minds of the student body and the Tech community,” he said. “I want to make it visually appealing, which I have put at the forefront in my years as editor. I also want the writing to be equally as good.”

Regarding preparing for the next school year, both editors said they will need to hire their new staffs.

“I am excited to hire my first editorial board,” Watts said. “I want people who are engaged and work with others. I also want to draw in people to the publication, and I want this place to be a place for job experience and a place where you can get your foot in the door.”

Hopkins said he also is excited to bring new members into the LV.

“I want to bring in new talent as well as the returning members,” he said. “It’s my last year and I want to leave behind something for everyone when I leave.”

With the addition of staff members, Hopkins said he can get more creative with the yearbook during his last year.

“The challenge is with this being my fourth time as editor, there is the urge to tend to repeat,” he said. “It can be hard to come up with new ideas and to keep the content new and exciting. That’s the beauty of a new staff, they bring interesting ideas.”

Watts said he finds the hardest part to be making sure he does well for those who came before him.

“McKenzi (Morris) did such a great job these past five years, and she’s an amazing person through and through,” he said. “I want to move the paper in a good direction. We are losing some editors next year, and I want to build on the foundation that those before us left behind.”

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Shouldn't it be "editors-in-chief"?

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