In addition to changing people’s commutes, the reconstruction of 18th Street from Hartford Avenue to Flint Avenue on the Texas Tech campus has left people wondering when the area will be ready for travel.

Charles Leatherwood, managing director for Tech Grounds Maintenance, said the goal is to complete the reconstruction by August 1. He said the reconstruction, which consists of repairing the street to improve its resistance against stagnant water, needs to be completed during the summer.

“We try to do all of our roadway construction during the summer,” he said. “I understand we’re having summer school, but we don’t have the population that we would in the fall or spring semester. We’re under a pretty tight window to get it out and back in before school starts.”

Along with the need to open the street for travel during the upcoming fall semester, Leatherwood said housing is another factor the construction crew needs to consider.

“The other issue is we have three dorms in that area,” he said. “We’ve got to be ready for move in.”

Regardless of when the reconstruction will be completed, other factors may impact the progress of the project.

With construction projects, such as the 18th Street reconstruction, Leatherwood said weather needs to be monitored.

“We were going to try to start it earlier, but these rains we’ve been having set our contractor back on a couple of other projects,” he said. “As long as the weather holds, we ought to be doing pretty good, and looking at the forecast, I don’t think rain’s going to be an issue.”

As construction continues, Leatherwood said people should expect to see the area blocked off and some trucks entering and exiting the site. He said the crew will monitor the construction and set out flagmen to control the area when the trucks bring in materials.

“They’re basically going to be contained in the site, and we’ve got that roadway blocked off, so there shouldn’t be any issues,” he said regarding construction vehicles and equipment. “There will be some truck traffic going in and out off of Indiana and Parkway.” 

Along with the trucks traveling around the site, one may wonder how the bus routes in the area will change.

Stacy Stockard, media relations coordinator at Tech Transportation and Parking Services, said buses that typically drive down 18th Street will come out to 19th Street instead. 

Information regarding exact bus route changes, which include the Red Raider and Double T bus routes, can be found on the TPS website. 

In addition to the reconstruction of 18th Street, one may see future roadway construction projects on campus.

After the 18th Street project, Leatherwood said the same type of repairs will be conducted on Harford Avenue between 18th and 19th Street. 

“Depending on scheduling and when we can bounce around, we’ll also be rebuilding the concrete valley gutter on 18th and Indiana there by the United Spirits Arena,” he said. “It’s all in phases because I’ve got to get 18th Street complete, so I can open it up before I jump onto Hartford.”

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