Working out has multiple benefits including lowering or maintaining weight, people can achieve better sleep, and lowering the risk of multiple cancers including bladder, breast, kidney and lung cancer, according to a Texas Tech news release. 

Sometimes, individuals will consume pre-workout before exercising to increase overall performance while at the gym, according to the news release. Depending on the pre-workout being used, some of the pre-workouts will have caffeine and some will not. 

Grant Tinsley is an associate professor of Kinesiology in the Department of Kinesiology and Sports Management. Tinsley received a $20,000 grant to study Legion Athletics Pre-workout, according to the news release. 

The study was to see if caffeine is the reason why people feel improvement when taking Legion Athletics Pre-workout, according to the news release. 

The study will consist of comparing two of the same pre-workout, one caffeinated and the other non-caffeinated and both will be compared to a placebo, according to the news release. 

24 people with weight training experience will be studied, 12 male and 12 female. Tinsley will be looking at the outcome of the workouts that the individuals typically do, according to the news release. 

Tinsley said one thing that is being paid attention to is whether or not caffeine is needed in these supplements, according to the news release. 

Tinsley said he wants to acknowledge the 11 students he is receiving help from when conducting this experiment and hopes it will be a good experience for them and lead them to better things, according to the news release. 

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