The Texas Tech Board of Regents convened at 9:30 a.m. this morning to give various reports on matters throughout the Tech system. The Board met in hybrid format, with some members attending virtually and some attending in-person at the Board of Regents meeting room in Lubbock. 

Dr. Tedd Mitchell, chancellor of the Tech System, started off the meeting giving his report on COVID-19.  

Mitchell praised individuals across the Tech System for the hard work everyone put in to make this Fall semester as normal and as safe as possible. 

Mitchell said 1.4 million Texans have contracted COVID-19 and nearly 24,000 have died from the virus. Across the Tech System, there are 282 active cases of the virus, 134 of those cases are students. 

“Not a single student, that we know, has been hospitalized due to COVID-19 infection,” Mitchell said. 

As Tech has already released, Mitchell said Tech will not begin the spring semester until Jan. 20 and will not have a traditional spring break. The Tech Health Sciences Center will begin classes on Jan. 11. 

Classes will be offered in a variety of modalities such as online, hybrid and face-to-face, Mitchell said. 

“Things are changing, the vaccinations on its way, we still need to remain vigilant,” Mitchell said. 

The Board of Regents approved a resolution that extended its heartfelt appreciation for the dedication of healthcare workers working on the frontlines of the pandemic. 

Billy Breedlove provided an update on several projects within Facilities Planning and Construction. 

A few projects Breedlove discussed included, authorizing expenditures to the museum East Wing addition project for CMAR pre-construction services, the Board authorized this, an update on the School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo and an update on the USDA Cotton Classing Laboratory. 

Breedlove said they hope to have the Cotton Classing Laboratory open and running by fall 2021. 

The Board of Regents approved all items on the consent and information agendas. Some of these items include: approving revisions to the undergraduate admissions policy at Tech, approve naming of Texas Tech Plaza and approve contract with DDSports Inc. for basketball tracking systems, wearable devices and data and analytics software platform. 

The Board of Regents appointed tenure to individuals serving at Texas Tech and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center at El Paso. 

Elections were held at this meeting of the Board of Regents for the positions of Board Chair and Vice Chair. The nominations committee made a motion to elect Michael Lewis as Board Chair and Mark Griffin as Vice Chair. The motion was passed. 

“My personal vision for Tech is to leave things better than I started with,” Lewis said. 

 The following subjects were also discussed during the Board of Regents meeting, these subjects include, 

  • Texas Tech System Report on audits. 

  • TTU System: Approve amendments to Regents’ Rules, chapter one, chapter nine, and Investment Policy Statements – STIF, ITIF and LTIF. 

  • TTU System: Report on endowments. 

  • TTU System: Approve Consent Agenda. 

  • TTU: Approve leave of absence without pay for Cristina Bradatan, Ph.D. 

  • TTU: Approve exception to nepotism policy for Randy Ward, associate head coach of the Tech Women’s Softball Program. 

  • TTUHSC: Approve conferral of emeritus appointment of Dr. Mubariz Naqvi and Dr. Paul E. Tullar. 

  • TTUHSC: Approve employee appointment by non-elective position of Dr. Surendra Varma. 

  • ASU, TTU, TTUHSC, TTUHSC- El Paso: Approve amendment to Regents’ Rules, chapter five (student affairs), relating to the delegation of authority in setting campus admission standards. 

  • ASU, TTU, TTUHSC, TTUHSC- El Paso: Acknowledge the Building Replacement Estimate Report and submission to, The CB. 

  • TTU: Approve naming of Texas Tech Plaza, Personal Financial Planning Clinic Room 305C. 

  • TTU: Approve commissioning of police officers Rigoberto Hernandez, Lawrence Hernandez and Blake Blancett. 

  • TTUHSC: Approve contract with Lubbock County Hospital District dba University Medical Center for Electronic Media Records, Registration and Scheduling Package. 

  • ASU, TTU, TTUHSC, TTUHSC – El Paso: Summary of revenues and expenditures by budget category as of Aug. 31, 2020. 

  • TTUHSC: Contracts for ongoing and continuing health relationships. 

  • TTU: Consulting contracts with an initial consideration of $25,000 or less. 

  • TTU and TTUHSC: Contracts for Sponsored Program Projects. 

  • TTU: Reports to the Board – Office of Research Commercialization report. 

  • TTU System: Emergency or exigent circumstances delegation of authority to the Board chairman and chancellor. 

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