Commuter Parking Lot

Commuter parking is offered to students and faculty who live off of campus. These lots tend to fill up while school is in session. Commuter parking is offered to students and faculty who live off of campus. These lots tend to fill up while school is in session.

Whether it be the stress of finding a parking or paying a citation, people face a variety of issues with parking on campus at the beginning of the year.

Texas Tech Transportation and Parking Services works to ensure that students, faculty and staff understand where they can park.

Stacy Stockard, media relations coordinator at Tech Transportation and Parking Services, said one should consider if he or she has a Tech parking permit or not.

“If you have a permit, know where you can park with that permit,” she said. “If you go to our website,, you can find on there under ‘Information For,’ and its broken down for student parking, residence hall parking, commuter, summer, law students and some other people that might have some different parking.”

There is some confusion on where to use certain permits, Stockard said.

“With any valid Texas Tech parking permit, so commuter permit, residence hall permit, even faculty and staff, you have a couple of perks with that too.”

Free parking is available at the Tech Recreation Center for a max of two hours for those with a valid tech permit, Stockard said. For those without a permit, there is an hourly rate.

Event though they are reserved for faculty and staff permit holders from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Stockard said the lots labeled with an R followed by two numbers can be utilized by those with other permits after 5:30 p.m.

“After 5:30, it’s similar to the Rec Center, free with any valid permit and just an hourly rate from 5:30 to 8 p.m. if you don’t have a permit on your account.”

In addition, Stockard said any commuter permit is valid in any commuter lot starting at 2:30 p.m.

Timed parking spaces are other options Stockard said students should consider. She said there are few lots with this option.

“The top floor of the Flint Garage is one of those areas that is really popular,” she said. “There’s a small parking lot just south of the art building that has some few spaces in there. There’s a small lot south of psychology.”

Regardless of where one should park, the number of people parking in wrong parking lots and people dealing with citations are other issues that the campus community may face.

When wanting to pay off a citation, Stockard said there are certain rules.

“If you have a ticket, you have 10 days to handle that,” she said. “You can choose to appeal it if you feel there are grounds to appeal it. Otherwise, you can pay for it online or in our office.”

A payment option Stockard said TPS is utilizing is Pop-tarts for tickets. She said people can donate Pop-tarts to the office to pay off a ticket.

“As long as that value equals the face value of your citation, then we can get you taken care of,” Stockard said. “Those Pop-tarts go to a charitable organization in Lubbock.”

Regarding the amount of people who receive citations, Stockard said there are lot of citations given out at the beginning of the semester. She said the amount of citations also spikes up around finals.

“Other than those two, it continually decreases as the academic year goes on,” she said.

Despite the issues that arise with parking, Stockard said she encourages people to ask for help from the TPS office, which can be reached at 806-742-7275 and is located at 407 Flint Ave.

“If you get a citation and you’re not sure why or something looks amidst, please reach out to us and let us know,” she said. “If there’s something that is not right with your account or something looks wrong on that citation, we want to know so we can correct it.”

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