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Students continue to enter and leave the Texas Tech campus once the summer session begins. With enrollment numbers for summer 2019, one can see how much enrollment has changed from the previous year.

The numbers, which can be seen on the Tech Institutional Research Fact Book, show a variety of increases and decreases regarding multiple factors, such as total enrollment, specific colleges, gender and ethnicity.

The total enrollment of students from summer 2018 to summer 2019 has increased by 540, according to the Fact Book. Summer enrollment in 2018 was 16,295, while summer enrollment this year was 16,835.

The enrollment of undergraduate students increased by 317, graduate students increased by 276 and law students decreased by 53 from summer 2018 to summer 2019, according to the Fact Book. This summer, undergraduate enrollment is 12,301, graduate enrollment is 4,478 and law school enrollment is 56.

The College of Arts and Sciences, the Rawls College of Business Administration, the College of Education and the College of Human Sciences had some of the highest increases in summer enrollment, according to the Fact Book. This summer, the Rawls College increased by 231 and reached 2,272 students, Arts and Sciences increased by 152 and reached 4,800, Education increased by 133 and reached 1,617 and Human Sciences increased by 95 and reached 1,807.

In addition to colleges, the Fact Book also looked at summer enrollment based on other factors, such as gender and ethnicity.

Regarding summer enrollment from 2018 to 2019, male enrollment increased from 7,981 to 8,067, while female enrollment showed a much larger increase from from 8,288 to 8,711, according to the Fact Book.

This summer, the enrollment of Hispanic students increased by 445 and reached 3,920, enrollment of black students, not of Hispanic origin, increased by 180 and reached 1,138, enrollment of Asian students increased by 89 and reached 534 and enrollment of students of multiple ethnicities increased by 72 and reached 347.

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