Welcome Back From Spring Break

Texas Tech students are welcomed back to campus after Spring Break with flowers blooming and warm weather.

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec released a statement on June 10 announcing part of the plans to re-open campus for the fall semester. The plan has been outlined in detail through the Texas Tech Commitment website in a safe way in accordance with CDC and Texas Health Department guidelines.

There will be a weekly video series beginning this week focusing on the different facets of the reopening plans, including classes and coursework, on- and off-campus student housing, dining, health and safety, recreation and campus life, transportation and parking and athletics, according to the release. A Safe Return to Campus System Working Group is in place, developing suggestions for all institutions in the Tech System to adopt in terms of face coverings, COVID-19 testing, cleaning and safe health practices, access and density within the buildings and traffic throughout campus.

Face-to-face teaching, hybrid and online teaching with flexible scheduling will resume in the fall, with over two-thirds of courses utilizing a portion of face-to-face instruction, according to the release. For students coming in to their first year at Tech, around 80 percent of 1000-level courses will be offered through both face-to-face and hybrid teaching.

The university moved back to Phase III of the COVID-19 Return to On-Campus Work Operational Phases Plan on June 1, allowing the return of a small number of faculty and staff back on campus, according to the release. Schovanec said the plan is to move on to Phase II, and eventually Phase I, as the summer progresses and conditions from the Texas Tech Commitment ensure safe workplace environments.

For more information, visit ttu.edu.

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