After two assaults were reported on campus earlier this week, the Texas Tech Police Department hosted a news conference to discuss aspects of the incidents.

An assault was reported to have taken place at around 1:02 a.m. on Sunday and 6:47 p.m. on Monday, according to a Tech PD Clery Act notification.

The Sunday incident was reported as a sexual assault by forcible fondling by a Hispanic male, who was approximately six feet tall with long sideburns and a thin mustache, on the south side of Coleman Residence Hall, according to the notification. The Monday incident was reported as an assault by a Hispanic male, who was approximately six feet tall and around 140 pounds with dark hair, facial hair and long sideburns, in the parking lot near Wall and Gates Hall.

Tech PD Lt. Amy Ivey said it is uncertain whether the suspects of either incident are related.

Regarding the Sunday incident, Ivey said the department was able to obtain footage of the suspect. The suspect of the Sunday incident, who Ivey said will face charges of sexual assault, was seen driving a black four-door passenger car.

"We're going to stay on top of the investigation to the fullest," she said. "We'll reach out to faculty, staff and students as need be when we need to reach them or contact them."

In addition to security cameras on campus, Ivey said there will be an increased patrol and guard presence.

"We are working with the Lubbock Police Department," she said regarding additional efforts to identify and catch the suspects. "We're also working with the [U.S. Marshals task force]."

Along with information regarding the case, Ivey said one needs to be vigilant while on campus to stay safe.

"Just be aware of you surroundings," she said. "Know what's going on around you. Be vigilant if you can, especially during the low-light, nighttime hours. Walk with somebody you know."

Even when sitting in a car in a parking lot, Ivey said one should keep his or her car doors locked. Using campus resources, such as the Raider Ride app to get around at night and campus blue lights to get in contact with police dispatch can help one stay safe.

If one has information regarding the cases or needs to report an incident, Ivey said to call the police department.

One can contact Tech PD at 806-743-2000 or Crime Line at 806-741-1000.

"Here at the police department, we take our students, faculty and staff safety at our top priority," she said.

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