Raider Red's Food Pantry

Raider Red's Food Pantry aims to reduce hunger by providing nonperishable food items, this service is available to all Texas Tech students. The pantry is open Monday through Friday, in Doak Hall room 117.

Raider Red’s Food Pantry reopened at the start of the semester after closing due to COVID-19, and with the pandemic, there will be changes to how students can get food and drop off donations.

“Usually, the way it would work was students would come in with their ID, and they would essentially grab whatever items they were looking for on the shelves,” Ileana Hinojosa, administrator for Raider Red’s Food Pantry and Center for Campus Life, said, “and so that could potentially allow people to have multiple contact on items if they grabbed, looked at it and put it down.”

The pantry was too small for proper social-distancing procedures, Hinojosa said.

Instead, the food pantry now uses an iPad for students to fill out an intake form and order bags of food, Hinojosa said. The color of the bags represent if the food is gluten free, domestic, international and vegetarian.

Hours are posted on the Dean of Student’s website, the pantry’s Facebook page and the door of the pantry at Room 117 of Doak Hall, Hinojosa said.

With COVID-19 affecting student’s income, Hinojosa said she expects to see more people in the food pantry as the semester continues. 

Throughout August, Raider Red’s Food Pantry hosted a virtual food drive to help stock up, Hinojosa said. 

“We’re encouraging folks to utilize our Amazon wish list, so that items get sent directly to us,” she said. “We also have our monetary fund where people can donate money directly to us.”

The pantry will now have scheduled drop-off times for those wanting to donate, Hinojosa said.

More information can be found on the Office of the Dean of Students website. 

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