As the spring semester gets closer, the Texas Tech Black Student Association are continuing to discuss ways to address racist incidents among the campus community.

Regarding a racist video sent to a student in November, the organization will take steps to talk about how future racist incidents are handled on campus, according to a BSA statement released on the group's Twitter on Dec. 24. 

Baahir Jinadu, BSA president and a mechanical engineering graduate student from Bakersfield, California, said the group will host a general meeting on Jan. 16 and work with administration to determine the best methods to address future incidents.

University administration reached out to BSA regarding efforts to discourage these incidents, Jinadu said. Future conversations with administration at the beginning of the spring semester will allow the group to provide their thoughts on how steps should be taken to execute these efforts.

When the video went viral on social media, Jinadu said Allies United, a student group that started a petition after the incident to change university policies regarding racism, got in contact with him to further spread awareness of the issue. 

Regardless if the petition reaches its milestone of 2,500 signatures, Jinadu said sparking these conversations with administration and making sure the issue gets spotlighted is a task BSA will carry out. He said he wants every Tech student to feel safe.

"We have made, maybe here and there, a little bit of noise," he said regarding efforts to address racism on campus. "But we want this one to be something that brings about real change, real progress for the black community."

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