Abby Meaves studying

First-year marketing student Abby Meaves from Houston studies at the library on Aug. 25, 2021.

Creating a time management plan, attending study sessions and finding the right place to study are factors students face during finals week. Texas Tech finals week begins Friday, Dec. 3, and it can be a very stressful time for students. 

Claudea Hernandez, the lead advisor at the learning center, said when entering finals week, it is important that students have a plan and goals set in place. 

“Students need to have a schedule in place where they have dedicated times for studying, but also dedicated times for free time,” Hernandez said. “It is important to make sure that this is broken up over a lot of days instead of trying to cram, which is what college kids are known for. Doing 25 minutes here, 30 minutes here is going to be really helpful rather than trying to do a huge set of hours, you know, over one or two days.”

When entering a study session, Hernandez said students need to know what they want to learn and accomplish during their session. 

Hernandez said she recommends gathering the correct study materials such as notes, reviews and textbooks before beginning to study will help students feel more prepared. 

“The hardest part would probably be trying to fit everything into that short period of time before,” Hernandez said. “They can kind of prevent that if they take really great notes during classes and afterwards make those review sheets for themselves based on questions from textbooks based on the main topics and the lectures.”

Another important factor to preparing for finals is the environment in which a student studies in, Hernandez said.

The Learning Center offers study spaces that students are able to reserve, she said. 

“If things are happening in your dorm room, you know, people are coming in and out, and maybe you don’t do well with a lot of people there, go to a study space,” Hernandez said. “Being in that environment of everyone else’s studying. That’s going to help you feel a little more motivated to actually study and get work done. There are also library rooms and the rooms in your own residence halls too.”

It is important for students to utilize their resources during finals week, such as professors’ office hours, tutors and peer led review sessions, Hernandez said.

Ethan Peacock, a second-year kinesiology student from Sweetwater, said he studies best when he plans his sessions and studies in the library.

“I manage studying all my finals by writing down what I need to study each day leading up to the finals,” Peacock said. “The hardest part about finals week is time management. Finding time to study around other classes is difficult. One thing I’ve found is that it is useful in studying at the library. It’s quiet and it gives you the chance to focus.”

When studying for finals, Hernandez said it is important that students take care of their health too.

“If you’re someone who needs frequent breaks, make sure you’re in a place where we can get out,” Hernandez said. “Maybe take a walk around campus or just somewhere a little more social and then come back to your study.”

Samuel Davis, a first-year general studies student from Round Rock, said relaxing and resting are important factors when it comes to studying. 

“What I have found that works for me is to keep my phone at a distance and study in 60- to 90-minute intervals with 10-minute breaks in between,” Davis said. “The hardest part is getting up early and having a productive start to the day. I would encourage others to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep.”

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