Additional parking signs, utilizing the Microsoft PowerPoint close captions and gatekeeping certifications all were topics of discussion during a Texas Tech Student Government Association meeting Thursday evening.

College of Arts and Sciences Senator Abigail Morgan addressed a piece of legislation that better represents the tools that could be used when teaching online classes.

“This piece is similar to another piece of legislation that asks professors to record all of the lectures that are online,” she said. “In the Arts and Sciences committee, we were talking about how PowerPoint has an automatic closed captioning program built within that transcribes your words as you speak.”

The legislation will be in support of asking professors to utilize this program if they use PowerPoint frequently, Morgan said. The legislation was moved into second reading and sent to all committees. 

Agricultural sciences Senator Chance Mitchell introduced legislation that would better inform students about what parking lot they are in, so a student will park in their correct spot. 

The parking lots can be confusing, and people do not know where they are, Mitchell said. But this legislation can help people understand which parking lot they are in.

“Throughout my time at Texas Tech, I know how hard it can be to distinguish what parking lots can coincide with which parking permits,” he said. “This piece is a recommendation for parking and transportation services to implement additional signs that better distinguish what parking lot you are in.”

This piece of legislation was later moved into third reading and final passage.

Arts and Sciences Senator Montana Chandler spoke about a piece of legislation she co-authored regarding the requirement of student leaders on campus becoming QPR Gatekeeping.

QPR Gatekeeping is a free suicide prevention training offered by Texas Tech, Chandler said. It is important to know the signs of someone in need of help, especially now with this stressful semester.

“This piece would just require student leaders on campus to be QPR certified,” she said. “This is an effort to hopefully alleviate some of the mental health issues on campus as we all come in contact with many people on a regular basis.”

The committee currently is in the process of finishing up final meetings regarding the logistics to have the student senators become QPR certified, Chandler said. This legislation was moved into second reading and sent to all committees.

Other senate bills that were moved into second reading include:

  • Requesting Tech to implement paper QR codes across campus for the student body to give recommendations for student government.
  • Implementing digital Raider ID cards.

The Student Government Association also congratulated multiple groups and organizations within the Tech community regarding various accomplishments.

SGA also congratulated Jillian Hacket, a freshman apparel design major, for the opportunity to showcase her fashion work at the New York Fashion Week in September 2021. 

The Student Senate congratulated the Tech Transition and Mentoring Programs on a successful First-Gen Week and the Whitacre College of Engineering International Engineering program on doing what they can to provide study abroad opportunities for students.

The Student Senate shared their condolences for the family and friends of Vivian Sofija Spear, a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences who died on Nov. 4, and the family and friends of Kristie Storms, assistant professor of practice in Tech Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

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