Students continually seek scholarships to better the chance of achieving their career goals. At Texas Tech, twenty-eight future educators will receive this financial support and more with one state scholarship.

The Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers, according to a Tech news release, was given to current and incoming Tech students who are planning to be educators in schools facing economic hardships or lacking teachers in certain subject areas.

The scholarship award, which is promoted by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation’s Raising Texas Teachers initiative, will consist of $8,000 each year, training, interaction with mentors, networking opportunities and attendance at the first Charles Butt Scholars Symposium, which took place at the end of May, according to the news release. Tech had the most scholarship recipients among the nine other institutions that also had scholarship winners.

The Tech scholarship recipients, according to the news release, include Abigail Lindner, Abigail SoRelle, Alexus Rodriquez, Andrea Serrano, Ashley Patrick, Bailey Tryon, Bernadette Sifuentes, Cayley Guess, Cheryl Johnson, Cyndi Segura, Emily Bowman, Emily Cisneros, Jared McGee, Johana Castillo, Jordan Springall, Juan Camacho, Kayla Jules, Kristen Meadows, Lauren Leitch, Lily Callison, Macey Waid, Magaly Moreno, Mariela Rosales, Megan Robinson, Melissa Nunez, Morven McKay, Victoria Thackray and Waleska Town.    

The recipients took part in an application process that consisted of a written application, interviews, activities and demonstrating a lecture, according to the news release. More than 370 applicants took part in the written portion of the process, finalists took part in the interviews and 134 scholars were later chosen.

The scholarship, according to the news release, will also help the recipients in their work throughout the TechTeach programs, which are programs that give future educators at Tech the chance to work with a teacher in a local or state school for a year.

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