Commuter Parking Lot

Commuter parking is offered to students and faculty who live off of campus. These lots tend to fill up while school is in session.

As people get ready to attend Texas Tech’s football game against Montana State on Saturday, they may need to consider the ins and outs of campus game day at the Jones AT&T Stadium.

Whether it be parking or stadium concessions, there are different aspects of the game-day experience that attendees may need to know about before arriving at the game at 3 p.m. on Saturday at the Jones AT&T Stadium located at 2526 Mac Davis Lane.

Robert Giovannetti, Tech senior associate athletics director for External Operations and Strategic Communications, said stadium concessions is a part of the game-day experience that has changed from previous years.

“For students, they will be able to use Raider Cash this year for concession items,” he said. “That’s a first for us.”

Multiple items have been added to the concessions, which have fan-friendly pricing of $5 and below, Giovannetti said. When attending a game at the stadium, he said one should not bring outside food or drinks, but an unopened, 20-ounce plastic water bottle is permitted.

“We’re trying to do some things that are good not only for the regular fan, but for the students,” he said.

The serving of alcohol in the stadium is another addition to this year’s football games, Giovannetti said. Because of this, he said there will be no pass outs, or reentering the stadium, at football games.  

“What we’re just trying to do for the fans that are here is give them every option they would have possibly at home,” he said. “We’re just trying to improve the overall fan, game-day experience.”

Regarding the fan experience, according to a Tech Athletics news release, one may also take part in the pregame happy hour that will take place when gates open 90 minutes from kickoff and will last for a full hour inside the stadium.

Along with rules inside the stadium, one may not know the regulations regarding parking and bus routes outside of the Jones AT&T stadium.

Stacy Stockard, media relations coordinator at Tech Transportation and Parking Services, said game-day parking is handled by the Red Raider Club. She said one can find more information about free and membership parking on the Red Raider Club website.

“Know that you can stay in that lot with your residence hall permit, and no one else will be permitted into your lot,” she said. “Most other lots become football parking game-day lots. We’re sharing these with all of campus and Athletics.”

When one’s permitted parking lot is affected by game-day events, Stockard said he or she will get an email notification.

For those looking for free parking, Stockard said there are three lots to consider. She said the northwest portion of the Tech Health Sciences Center parking lots, Commuter Satellite and Commuter West have free parking.

“From those three areas, the free parking that’s by HSC, Commuter Satellite, Commuter West, each one of those has a bus route. It’s provided by Citibus,” she said. “It’s $5, and they will take you from that lot to the game. They’re stopping on the north side of the stadium this year. After the game, just meet those buses right back where they dropped you off, and they will take you back to your lot.”

In addition to these parking options, Stockard said there is paid parking on campus, while most of the faculty and staff lots on campus become Red Raider Club parking permit holders’ spaces.

“Commuter west, Commuter Satellite and Raider Park garage, depending on the game and their capacity available, those have some drive up and pay options with a car,” she said.

For more information about how parking will change during a home football game, Stockard said one should reach out to TPS at 806-742-7275.

One update to campus transportation and parking that a football fan may consider is changes to the C-1 parking lot entrance.

The Gate 3 entrance of the C-1 parking lot, which is available for donors, will be closed to vehicular traffic, Giovannetti said. The new entrance is closer west through Drive of Champions.

In addition to taking the northwest entrance of the C-1 parking lot and drving through Drive of Champions, Giovannetti said people can exit the same way or enter and exit through Akron Avenue toward University Avenue.

Despite the multiple efforts made by the university to provide a quality game-day experience, some may think the home football games are interesting for different reasons.

Quinten Johnson, a junior computer science major from Lubbock, said even though he does not attend the home games, Tech football is an experience he shares with his family at home. He said the university’s efforts in adding more to the game-day experience, whether it be updated concessions or tailgating events, will encourage more students to attend home games.

“More events will probably bring more people and make it a fun experience for everybody,” he said.

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