SGA executive forum

Student Government Association Executive Candidates, were able to answer questions from a panel and the audience, as well as give opening and closing statements during the Student Government Association's Executive Forum on Feb. 28, 2020 at 6 p.m. in the Matador room at the Student Union Building.

Even with in-person class cancellations, the Texas Tech Student Government Association continues to operate and will host elections for executive candidates on April 8 and 9.

Voting for the election will continue to take place at The candidates running for executive positions, which include student-body president, internal vice president, external vice president and graduate vice president, come from three different blocs.

Tech Grads for All, which is an all-graduate student bloc, includes Viet Nguyen, a graduate student from Dallas in the higher education administration program, running for graduate vice president.

For the Future includes Haley Pratt, a junior journalism major from San Antonio, running for president, Rolando Bernal, a junior marketing and finance major from Carrollton, running for internal vice president, Emily Shriner, a marketing and management junior from Allen, running for external vice president and Hayden Gonzales, a master’s student in business administration from Beaumont, running for graduate vice president.

Tech Together includes Hunter Heck, a junior philosophy and Spanish major from Panhandle, running for president, Klay Davis, a junior animal science major from Florence, running for internal vice president and Charles Ramey II, an educational psychology doctoral student, running for graduate vice president. Colin McLaren, a junior finance major from New Braunfels, was the bloc’s candidate for external vice president, but he dropped out of the race prior to the SGA executive forum on Feb. 28. Faisal Al-Hmoud, a sophomore economics and finance major from Lubbock, will now serve as the external vice president candidate for the bloc.

In a statement from Micheal Gunn, SGA director, said Tech Together filed a complaint against For the Future, who was found conditionally responsible. As the restitution, Tech Together was able to fill the external vice president candidate spot to balance the election.

There are no set plans for announcing the results of the election, but a mass email sent to every student on campus may be the plan, Gunn said. The elected executive officers for the 2020-21 academic year will start their terms on May 1, even if campus is closed and the physical SGA offices are inaccessible.

Regarding campaigning leading up to the election, Gunn said he encouraged candidates to campaign via social media and increased spending limits for campaigning.

“We increased their spending limits to $300 from the $250 they would normally be able to use during the period,” he said.

In addition to the effects on campaigning, Gunn said SGA must conduct executive meetings and Student Senate meetings virtually on Zoom.

Student Senate meetings will be closed to the public while being conducted virtually, Gunn said. This is due to issues that could arise with people hacking into Zoom meetings. Providing the recorded Senate meeting is an option that is being considered.

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