Student Government Association Meeting

The Texas Tech Student Government Association senators had their first meeting of the 2019 fall semester at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, in the Media and Communication building.

Installation of an executive Cabinet, campus initiatives and faculty achievements were just some of the topics discussed during the Texas Tech Student Government Association meeting on Thursday.

Tech Student Senators voted on a variety of items during a meeting at 6 p.m. on Oct. 10 in Room 353 of the Tech Media and Communication building.

One item discussed during the meeting was the confirmation and implementation of a SGA executive Cabinet. The Senators passed a motion to place this item on third reading.

The members of this session’s SGA Cabinet, according to the agenda for the fourth meeting of the 55th Session, include Lauren McKenzie, acting director of political affairs, Jordan Butler, acting director of special projects, Laneka Mclean, acting associate director of special projects, Ashley Hazen, acting director of ambassadors, Zachary Low, SGA acting attorney general, Zachary Thum, acting deputy chief of staff, Viet Nguyen, acting director of diversity, equity and inclusion, Alex Todd, acting director of communications, and Rilyn Westbrook, acting director of social media.

Colin McLaren, SGA president pro-tempore, discussed different steps in the Cabinet member selection process.

“This piece is to install the cabinet that was selected by the execs,” he said.

Executives appoint members of the Cabinet, McLaren said, while Senators vote to install and approve them.

Before the voting took place on this item, acting members of the cabinet provided statements regarding their initiatives and what they hope to achieve with the position. Some sent their statements via email while some were present to speak about their goals.

Nguyen and Todd were present at the meeting and discussed their goals for their positions.

Initiating opportunities to better prepare for active shooters on campus, providing students free testing for sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections and improving ways to collect demographic data on the LGTB community on campus are some goals Nguyen said she wants to achieve.

Informing and reaching out to the Tech and Lubbock community effectively is one goal Todd said she has as acting director of communications.

Other Cabinet members sent statements regarding their goals for the session.

According to the statements read aloud during the meeting, McKenzie wants to make higher education more affordable and accessible through open-education resources and provide a townhall atmosphere for students, Butler and Mclean want to create a dialogue with the community through SGA events, Hazen wants to focus on community outreach and student interaction, Low wants to work with SGA executives to make sure SGA rules are followed and Thum wants to provide aid to the SGA graduate vice president and other officers.

In addition to this implementation of the Cabinet, the Senators also voted on other items on the consent calendar. The Senators voted to adopt ten resolutions at once. 

These resolutions include congratulating the 2018-19 Tech softball team for their NCAA and Big XII achievements, Tech for the completion of the Experimental Sciences Building II, the Tech HSC for its 50th anniversary, and the Tech Department of Personal Financial Planning for being recognized by Wealth Management as the leading program in the nation.

Th Senators also recognized Anthony Cozzolino, assistant professor in the Tech Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for receiving a research grant from the National Science Foundation, Chau-Chyun Chen, Jack Maddox Distinguished Engineering Chair in Sustainable Energy and professor in chemical engineering, for receiving a $1.1 million grant from the Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment Manufacturing Institute, Jesse Mendez for being appointed dean of the Tech College of Education, Katharine Hayhoe, co-director of the Tech Climate Center, for receiving the 2019 UN Champion of the Earth award from the United Nations Environment Program, and Mike Mauldin, who has been the chairman, vice president and CEO of First National Bank of the Hereford region, for being named the director of the upcoming Excellence in Banking Program in the Tech Rawls College of Business.

Condolences were also given to the family of Andre Emmett, former Tech basketball player who was killed on Sept. 23 in Dallas.

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