Student Government Association Meeting

The Texas Tech Student Government Association senators had their first meeting of the 2019 fall semester at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, in the Media and Communication building.

Cultural intelligence training, a credit and no credit grading system and the achievements of members within the Texas Tech community were topics discussed in a Student Senate meeting Thursday evening.

Ideas of what can be done to better educate students about cultural intelligence was discussed during the meeting. A senate bill that was moved to second reading and sent to all committees went into more depth about what could be done.

Donovan Satchell, Student Government Association College of Arts and Sciences senator, said there would be added aspects to this type of information students will learn.

“This resolution would implement additional modules to the risk, intervention and safety education that incoming students have to take," he said. "These modules would focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for all incoming students.”

Because the United States recently has seen a lack of cultural awareness in the past year, the hopes of this resolution, written by Channing Wicks, SGA at-large senator, and Satchell, would be to better inform incoming students about cultural awareness in the Tech community.

A resolution that would implement cultural intelligence training specific to microaggressions, which would be sent to all student organizations, was moved to third reading and final passage.

Macy Massey, SGA at-large senator, shared the steps being taken with this resolution.

“We are setting up a variety of different training that fraternities and sororities can do throughout the semester," she said. "Pi Phi has agreed to do a trial run with microaggressions training, and we will be able to use that feedback to set it up for any other Greek life that wants to participate.”

The senate discussed more details about these trainings, such as how there are plans to make the training in-person, but as of right now, it is being done over Zoom.

The resolution is not solely for Greek life, but it is supposed to better educate all Tech student organizations.

Other senate resolutions that were moved to third reading and final passage include:

  • Support for implementing a student work area in the College of Human Sciences building.
  • Encouraging the deans to talk to students about the Forward Together fundraiser so it can reach the fundraising goal.

Another resolution, which was introduced and passed to second reading and sent to all committees, states the support of a credit/no credit grading system from the student senate for this semester.

Max Raymond, SGA at-large senator, further explained how the credit/no credit option would work if implemented at the university.

“This piece is saying the Student Senate supports the implementation of a credit/no credit option for all classes this semester," he said. "It would work the same way it did last spring, and if you so choose, the option would be there.”

The Student Senate also congratulated different members and groups of the Tech community.

The Student Senate congratulated Jad Zeitouni on publishing his research to the Macksey Journal at John Hopkins University and the Tech football team and the Lady Raider Basketball team for their initiative in recognizing the social injustice within the United States and protesting in a peaceful manner with both words and actions.

The Student Senate also shared their condolences for the family and friends of student Blake Justice, who died Oct. 4.

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