Lawrence Schovanec was named the sole finalist for the next university president on Thursday, June 16, 2016. After a 21 day period, he was appointed as the next Texas Tech President.

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec addressed the campus community through a video regarding information on online classes, graduation and refunds for campus dining and housing Friday morning.

Later on Friday, Schovanec said in the video a memo will be released that will go more in depth on prorated refunds and credits on housing and dining on campus.

"The refund for housing will cover the time between the end of spring break to the end of the spring term," he said in the video, "and use dining dollars and prorated amounts for meal plans for a rollover to the next term."

For graduating students and those who will not use dining services in future semesters, Schovanec said they will receive a refund.

Regarding starting all classes on an online format Monday, Schovanec said students should refer to the past message sent out to the Tech community regarding academics and support and get answers for questions from the Tech Office of the President, Office of the Provost or their respective college.

Another topic Schovanec touched on was spring 2020 graduation ceremonies being cancelled.

After the university made the decision to cancel the ceremonies, Schovanec said he received a letter from a student who had plans to graduate this spring. From the letter Schovanec read in the video, the student said graduation would have been a great honor, as she overcame multiple obstacles, such as suffering a brain injury from a car wreck and losing her father and brother to that same wreck.

Hopefully in August, Schovanec said she and other graduates will get the chance to walk.

"But to all the graduates of May 2020, you will have a special place in the history of our university," he said. "The virtual graduation will be better than you might think, and we'll be sharing more details about that soon."

This semester's graduates also will be honored during half-time at the football game this coming fall, Schovanec said.

"I must stress to you that we are facing a serious public health crisis," he said. "We must do all that we can to stay well and limit the number of people who need critical and intensive care." 

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