President Schovanec Office interview

Lawrence Schovanec, president of Texas Tech, discusses the year ahead and the progress Tech has made over the last decade. Schovanec is entering his fifth year as president.

As all classes at Texas Tech have been moved to online, Tech President Lawrence Schovanec sent a letter to students regarding the grading procedures for the spring semester Wednesday.

While there has been a debate about keeping the grading policy the way it is or switching it to pass/fail, Schovanec announced undergraduate and graduate students will be able to choose how they will receive credit, according to an email from the Tech Office of the President. After finishing a course, the professors will post the grades online and the student will be able to choose if they want to receive the letter grade course credit.

Students can change an individual course grade that is C- or better to Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC), according to the email. If a student decides to receive CR for the class, it will not affect their GPA. CR also will count toward classes that are prerequisites, allowing students to move to the next course needed.

Information regarding undergraduate grading options can be found here. For graduate students, more information can be found here.

This grading procedure will be made for both undergraduate and graduate students for the 2020 spring semester only, according to the email. The Tech School of Law is expected to share its grading policy for professional students soon.

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