With the development of recent studies and new programs, professors and researchers at Texas Tech University are working to help solve mental health issues of veterans more quickly, according to a Tech news release. They hope to develop a system that helps identify and pinpoint issues a subject may have to allow for the treatment process to begin.

About half of veterans who undergo psychological assessment have shown levels of suicidal ideation, according to research conducted by the Texas Tech University Department of Psychological Sciences. With the help of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), Paul Ingram, an assistant professor of Counseling Psychology, is hoping to connect veterans with the resources they need, according to the release.

The MMPI helps researchers accurately and precisely identify behavioral, emotional and thought patterns that may be part of the cause of the potential health problems, according to the release.

Ingram has been working with the creator of MMPI since 2012 but has only begun publishing on MMPI in the past four years. According to a news release from Tech, this is because it takes time to establish databases for clinical populations.

According to the release from Tech, Ingram believes it is incredibly important to deliver the treatment to the veterans in need as soon as possible. Ingram said the MMPI is a much more accurate predictor than clinical interviews, according to the release.

Ingram is working on several studies that will make refinements towards the MMPI, according to the Tech release. Ingram hopes the MMPI can, in the future, provide a quick and efficient way to identify and address veteran’s needs, according to the release.

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