The Board of Regents for Texas Tech University System is set to convene on Nov. 18 and 19 for its final meeting of the calendar year to discuss upcoming construction, contract agreements and other matters concerning the five institutions that are part of the system.

The first day is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. in Lubbock, according to the agenda book for the upcoming meeting, where seven items will be presented to three of the four standing committees that pertain to Texas Tech.

Finance and Investment Committee

Two items will be considered by the FI Committee. One is an agreement between the university and ClubCorp TTC, LLC, the vendor that operates the club and suite levels in Jones AT&T Stadium, to extend the contract five more years. The extension would include ClubCorp making a $4.5 million investment in club improvements in 2022, according to the agenda book. 

For context, the current agreement was set to expire on May 29; however, during the regularly scheduled board meeting on May 13, the board authorized Noel Sloan, Tech’s chief financial officer, to ask for an extension on the old agreement before approving the new agreement. The old agreement, according to the agenda book, now is set to expire on Dec. 31.

The other item scheduled for consideration is to adjust Tech’s 2022 operating budget by $50 million, according to the agenda book. This is due to the recent funds Tech will be receiving through Senate Bill 8 of the third special called session of the 87th Legislature of Texas. 

Tech would use the funds to help student success and retention rates as well as invest in mental health and wellness resources on campus.

Academic, Clinical and Student Affairs Committee 

Two items being considered by the ACS Committee is granting a faculty member tenure and the title of associate dean for research, according to the agenda book, and approving the Master’s of Science in Ranch Management degree program.

If the degree is approved by the board and authorized by the board, it will be one of two programs offered in the world, according to the agenda book.

Facilities Committee

The committee will decide whether to approve the total project budget for the Rip Griffin Park expansion and renovation, approve a utility package bid for the new Academic Sciences Building on campus and approve the naming of the Veterinary Medicine Plaza as the Robert L. Duncan Plaza, according to the agenda book.

The total budget for the Rip Griffin Park expansion will be over $14 million to fund the renovation of the 10,800 square feet of the baseball facility and building an additional 14,342 square feet. 

After the committee meetings are over, the board will also hear strategic highlights from President Lawrence Schovanec of Tech.

The board is then scheduled to go into an executive session then reconvene into an open session to vote if any action is needed. Afterward, the regents are scheduled to adjourn to the day, according to the agenda book. 

The board will reconvene at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, according to the agenda book, to acknowledge and review the consent agenda and the information agenda.

The items on the consent agenda pertaining to Tech, according to the agenda book, are:

1.Approving the formation of the Managerial Group of Tech to exclude members of the board from accessing classified information. According to the agenda book, this is a routine motion and is not uncommon for institutions working with the federal government to do. The Managerial Group will consist of Schovanec, the vice president for research, the facility security officer and the assistant facility security officer.

2.Approving the two appointments to the Rural Veterinarian Incentive Program Committee.

3.Approving the commission of four police officers for the campus.

The board also will hear updates from the presidents of the Student Government Association from each of the universities.

About the Board of Regents

The Texas Tech University System is comprised of five institutions: Tech, Tech Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Angelo State University, HSC El Paso and Midwestern State. The system was formed in 1996 and formally established by the State of Texas in 1999, according to the system’s website.

The Board is comprised of nine regents appointed by the governor of Texas for a term of six years each, according to the system’s website. It is the governing body overseeing all five institutions within the system.

Arcilia Acosta, Cody Campbell and Pat Gordon were appointed to the Board of Regents as its newest members. Their terms expire in 2027.

The student body has a student representative, who also is appointed by the governor and serves on the board for a term of one year, according to the system’s website. This academic year, Keaghan Holt of Angelo State University is the student regent for the system, according to the system’s website. Her term is scheduled to end on May 31, 2022. 

 According to the Regent’s Rules for the system, all members have the right to vote except the student regent. 

 The system is also led by the chancellor, Dr. Tedd Mitchell, who serves as the chief executive officer to all the institutions within the system, according to the system’s website. Mitchell serves as the fifth chancellor.

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