Regent Pat Gordon

Earning both his master’s in business administration from the Rawls College of Business Administration at Texas Tech and his Juris Doctor from Tech’s Law School, Regent Pat Gordon is one of the three newest additions to the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.

Gordon said Tech and Lubbock were a good fit for him to earn his two degrees. He said he had a good time while at Tech while also learning an important life lesson.

“Integrity, respect and excellence. (Making sure) everything you do is excellent,” Gordon said. “Do your best.”

After graduating and becoming board-certified in tax law, Gordon went on to become a partner at Gordon Davis Johnson & Shane P.C Law Firm, according to the Tech system’s website. He went on to become president of the firm. 

He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, according to the system’s website, and the former chairman and current vice-chair and member of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

Through his many accomplishments, Gordon and his wife, Laura Gordon, also a Tech Law School graduate, have not forgotten about their roots at Tech. 

“Our goal in life is to give back as much as we can,” Gordon said. “We set up an endowed scholarship. We actually have two. We have one at the law school and one at the university itself.”

Gordon said the scholarships are set up at the full discretion of the university to decide on who and how many students receive scholarships; however, the scholarships are based on financial need and not academic achievements.

Even though Gordon has never met any of the scholarship recipients, he said he feels he knows them through the letters they send. 

“They're very detailed letters," Gordon said. "Their whole background … how much it meant, what they plan on doing. We haven't formally met them, but we feel like we know them.”

Gordon said it is an honor to be asked by the governor of Texas to serve on the Board of Regents, which oversees the five universities within the system.

There is a lot to know about the universities and the system, Gordon said, but the other six regents have helped him and the other new regents along the way.

“A good description is drinking water from a fire hydrant,” Gordon said of his new role. “It's been very rewarding, very good. I feel like I'm getting up to speed. I've spent a lot of time learning all the programs, all the systems, the accounting, the budgets, and so I (think) that my participation will be a lot more helpful.”

Gordon said one of his goals is to help the universities grow, whether academically or in facilities. He wants to ensure the Tech system is a great place for professors to work as well as a great place for students to learn.

“It's an honor for me to serve,” Gordon said. “I intend to be a very good regent and use a lot of the training from Tech itself to accomplish that.”

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