Alexander Idesman, mechanical engineering professor at Texas Tech, was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to research a more efficient way to compute wave propagation data.

Wave propagation is the deviation from a state of equilibrium or rest, according to a Tech news release. Idesman is developing a method to improve both the accuracy and calculation speed of wave measurements using supercomputers.

The time to calculate waves will be reduced by at least ten thousand times, according to the news release, making data from year-long projects available in days.  

Idesman’s research can be used in several ways.  

For example, airplanes often experience crack failures because of the amount of stress the structure of an aircraft endures, according to the news release. Idesman’s new method could help predict the cracks before they happen. 

Idesman’s research, according to the news release, can also be used to strengthen structures, such as houses, buildings and roads, when faced with destructive seismic activity, such as earthquakes.  


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