Parking Lot Construction

Construction of a "pedestrian mall" for students is currently taking place in the R-7 parking lot located between the Texas Tech Student Union Building and the Administration Building. Along with this project, four additional parking lot construction projects are taking place.

Anyone who has been on Texas Tech’s campus this summer may have noticed a change in the parking lot between the Student Union Building and the Administration building. Although lot R-7 is torn up, construction will be completed in the fall to reveal a new pedestrian mall for students. 

Brandon Richard, media relations coordinator with Tech Transportation and Parking Services, said this is the biggest parking lot construction project happening this summer and the one TPS is most excited about. 

“So, construction started earlier this summer and is projected to finish before the fall, you know, weather pending and a few things like that could delay it. But the goal is to have it done before the fall,” he said. “The cool thing about this project is that it’s going to beautify the area a lot. They’re putting in trees, benches and tables and making it much more pedestrian friendly.”

Because the parking lot is one of the bigger and busier lots during the school year, Richard said the construction is creating a safer environment for students, faculty and staff to walk through with a sidewalk going through the middle. 

Aside from the construction happening in R-7, Richard said there are four additional parking lot construction projects happening around campus. 

Lot C-10, located behind the Animal Food and Sciences building, has been under construction since last summer, Richard said. This lot is being expanded to allow for additional parking spots, as the completed construction of the Dustin R. Womble Basketball Center took away a few parking spots in the Commuter West lot.

Lot C-1, or Commuter North, located west of the Jones AT&T Football Stadium, also is adding spaces, Richard said. The lot is adding spaces near where the Coliseum used to be located on campus since the building was torn down two years ago. 

Lot Z-5, located by the Stangel-Murdough residence hall, is made up of two larger lots and one smaller one located east of Stangel. Richard said the smaller lot will be removed. Z-5 now will  be limited to the two larger lots north of Murdough.  

The last parking construction project taking place is in the R-3 lot, a small visitor park-and-pay lot located south of the Maedgen Theater. Richard said this lot temporarily has been removed while construction on the theater is taking place. 

Although these projects may seem temporarily inconvenient, Richard said they are all ultimately happening to benefit the students, faculty and staff. 

“Changes that were put in place only help and are actually only adding more parking,” Richard said. “I feel like every summer there’s always projects because that’s the time when we can do those projects. And so, it’s always a concern, like, ‘How is this going to affect the student body or faculty?’ Thankfully, it’s only helping.” 

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