Park East Shooting Investigation

Lubbock Police Department cruisers are parked outside of the Park East student living apartment complex at 7 p.m. on Saturday April 27, 2019. LPD was on the scene to investigate a double shooting that occurred at a pool party.

With the shooting that occurred at Park East Student Living Apartments on Saturday, the need for upgraded security may be on residents’ minds.

Asia Devine Jackson, according to information provided by the Lubbock Police Department, fired multiple shots on April 27 at the Park East Living complex pool area at 1819 Glenna Goodacre Boulevard. The shooting resulted in two injured victims.

Samuel Mtunga, owner of the Park East property from XFD Real Estate Partners, said a change in security at the property, which they acquired in 2017, will consist of guests having to check in before using the complex’s amenities.

“We’ll make sure to ID everyone that comes in,” Mtunga said. “Just to make sure that people that are here are actually guests of residents and are with residents at all times.”

After the shooting, Mtunga said efforts were made to increase the security at the complex.

“Since then, we’ve added about 100 security cameras all over the property,” he said. “We’ve done several rounds of upgrades to the gate infrastructure itself.”

In addition to these technological security measures, Mtunga said Lubbock County Sheriff police officers live on the property.

“In response to that, our courtesy officer was the first on the scene,” Mtunga said. “He was the person that administered first aid.”

When the police arrived on the scene, Mtunga said Park East went through the camera system’s footage to identify the suspect.

“We were able to identify the person pretty quickly,” he said. “We believe that and statements from witnesses is what helped direct the investigation.”

Tre Bailey, a senior kinesiology and chemistry major from McKinney, said he lives in the Cottages of Lubbock Apartments located at 2001 9th St., which is about a few blocks away from Park East Living. He said he heard the news of the shooting from a friend who texted him and stories on Snapchat.

“I wasn’t necessarily nervous just because from my understanding of what happened, it was an argument,” Bailey said. “Student housing is supposed to be safe, kind of a nicer place for us to live, and you don’t really expect crime.”

Regarding the need for updated security in apartment complexes, Bailey said all campus communities have been good enforcing rules to promote safety. He said residents and guests are required to wear wristbands at the Cottages.

“When you do get those mass amounts of people who are going to the pool, you’re going to be subjecting yourself to more safety issues,” he said. “Last summer, when I went to Capstone pool, they even hired police officers for a certain amount of time just to keep the areas safe.”

With the shooting that occurred at Park East Living, Bailey said the complex’s staff did a good job of handling the situation.

“Obviously, you don’t want a situation like that happening,” he said. “But when it does happen, you kind of have to take proper precautions to keep it from happening again.”

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