With alcohol being served at the Jones AT&T Stadium during Texas Tech’s football game against Montana State on Saturday, the issue of having a safe ride home is prominent on most people’s minds.

To provide football fans a safe trip home after the game, Standard Sales Company, LP, is offering $15 Lyft promo codes.

Retha Fortenberry, corporate social responsibility director at Standard Sales Company, LP, said the decision to offer these codes was prompted by the need to lessen drunk driving.

“When the regents decided to vote to allow sales at sporting venues on campus, we just kind of amplified a program that we have been doing for the last couple of years to include every home game instead of just selected home games,” she said.

The codes, which Standard Sales Co. has been saving to provide since 2017, can be accessed on the company’s Facebook page: @StandardSalesLubbock, Fortenberry said. For those worried about not getting a code, which are accessed on a first come, first serve basis, she said there should be some codes left to spare.

“Lyft says when you do a promotion like this, that you can expect a 30 to 40 percent usage of codes,” she said.

The codes, which are valid a half-mile around the stadium and are good for one use per customer, were funded through the Standard Sales Co., Fortenberry said. During each game the company saved to provide these Lyft codes, she said the codes were never fully depleted.

“Right now, we’re looking at providing 500 codes,” she said regarding the current budget for the Lyft codes. “So, we’ll just see how that goes, and we can always open that up if we run out because we saved our budget for this project.”

To access similar codes for future games, Fortenberry said one must go on the Standard Sales Co, Facebook page and receive a different code. She said the process remains the same, but the codes change with each game.

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