2019 La Ventana cover

The cover of the 2019 La Ventana yearbook by editor-in-chief, Davian Lynn-Hopkins.

The Texas Tech yearbook La Ventana received a 2019 Silver Crown award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for its 94th volume on Friday.

Davian-Lynn Hopkins, a senior double major in graphic design and electronic media and communications from Lancaster and the current editor-in-chief of La Ventana, said the award validates the effort put into last year's yearbook while also giving his staff confidence in this year's edition.

"To me it means that all the hard work and dedication that last year's staff put into the yearbook, it all was worth it," Hopkins said in a phone interview.

The 192-page yearbook consisted of four different sections, "Student Life," "TTU Sports," "Faces of TTU" and "the Index." The 2019 yearbook is Hopkins' third La Ventana yearbook as editor-in-chief. 

"I think it just helps us realize that we were heading in the right direction and that we were putting all the right and necessary ingredients into last year's yearbook," Hopkins said.

When selecting crown winners, CSPA decides winners based on a head-to-head comparison of design, photography, concept, coverage and writing.

"I think last year's yearbook was just overall visually appealing," Hopkins said. "I think the design is what really amped up the book, and the design is possibly why we won a crown this year."

For the upcoming year, Hopkins said a fifth section has been added to the yearbook, "Individuals," which will feature headshots of seniors and graduates.

"I think we've definitely really thought about the content that we're putting into the book," Hopkins said. "This year's book covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from on-campus to dining to student's responses to recent gun violence."

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