The City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department held a groundbreaking ceremony for the McAlister Dog Park Wednesday at 2 p.m. at McAlister Park, Milwaukee Avenue and Marsha Sharp Freeway.

“McAlister Park has a very important mission,” Nanette Deso, the president of Friends of McAlister Park said. “To help spread vehicle space for all proud Lubbockites including the four-legged ones to run around play in for many years to come.”

The plan is to have the dog park ready by summer 2021, Randy Christian council member District 5. The dog park’s main features will include three fenced areas and a jogging/biking/walking trail.

The first fenced area (small) is 1 acre, the second fenced area (medium) is 1.5 acres with agility equip and a training area, and the third fenced area is (large) 2.5 acres, Christian said.

“It is exciting that we are investing in McAlister Park,” Mayor Dan Pope said. “This will be our (Lubbock’s) third dog park.”

The McAlister dog park will be different from the other dog parks in Lubbock, Christian said. There are many plans for the McAlister Park to grow and expand and it is a great location.

“Nearly 80 percent of the funding for this park is being done with private donations,” Dan Pope said.

Pope said he is grateful for the community to be making the impact that they are making at McAlister Park.

“The responsibility of this city council and future city councils is to keep the vision of those who came before us moving forward,” Christian said. “And working to continually reinforce what many of us believe, which is that Lubbock is the capital of West Texas.”

Some of the plans include adding basketball courts, a food truck area and a Milestones Development & Play Park, Christian said. The park will be a place for everyone.

At the ceremony Cassie Johnston, Executive director of Alstrom Angles announced the development plans for a Milestones Development & Play Park.

“We are bringing to West Texas the very first indoor play park,” Johnston said. “And this is going to be a very unique part that brings the essence and feeling of a traditional outdoor park, inside.”

With an indoor park parents will still be able to take their children to the park no matter what the weather is like, Johnston said. It will be able to be used year-round.

The indoor park will allow for children of any ability level to play, Johnston said. The park will be wheelchair accessible and accommodate to many needs so that all children and play learn and explore.

“I am super excited to be able to tell you that very soon before the end of the year you all will be invited back out for the groundbreaking of Milestones Park,” Johnston said.

It is great to have a group that is willing to invest in the community and the quality of life, Colby VanGundy Director of Parks and Recreation said. Parks and Recreation looks forward to getting everything built for the community.

The plans for McAlister dog park are about 90 percent finished, VanGundy said. Once the final details are determined Parks and Recreation will be taking the project and begin construction.

“We have a master plan that kind of lays out what we would hope to see in the future for the park,” VanGundy said.

Right now, the only plan that is ready to begin construction is the new dog park, VanGundy said. The dog park will be the largest dog park that Lubbock has, and Parks and Recreation is excited.

“McAlister Park will not only become a gathering place for lots of dogs,” Christian said. “But more importantly lots of people.”

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