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Whether it be among classifications, colleges or ethnic backgrounds, Texas Tech fall enrollment has increased and decreased in multiple areas since 2018.

Total enrollment for Fall 2019 is 38,742, which increased from 38,209 in 2018, according to the Tech Institutional Research Fact Book. This fall, undergraduate enrollment is 32,125, which is a 168 increase from 2018, graduate enrollment is 6,213, which is a 378 increase from 2018, and Tech School of Law enrollment is 404, which is a 13 decrease from 2018.

Enrollment number changes took place within different colleges on campus as well.

Regarding fall enrollment from 2018 to 2019, the College of Arts and Sciences increased from 11,319 to 11,471, the College of Media and Communication increased from 2,369 to 2,505, the Rawls College of Business increased from 4,364 to 5,009, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources increased from 2,497 to 2,572 and the College of Education increased from 2,182 to 2,261, according to the Fact Book. From last year, fall enrollment for the College of Engineering and the College of Human Sciences decreased from 5,431 to 5,333 and 3,388 to 3,293 respectively.

From last fall to this semester, according to the Fact Book, freshman enrollment decreased from 7,692 to 7,464, sophomore enrollment increased from 6,294 to 6,840, junior enrollment increased from 6,973 to 7,229 and senior enrollment decreased from 9,786 to 9,596.

Fall 2019 female enrollment is 18,992, which is a 709 increase from last fall, and Fall 2019 male enrollment is 19,633, which is a 227 decrease from last fall, according to the Fact Book. The number of non-reported genders increased from 66 in Fall 2018 to 117 in Fall 2019.

This fall, according to the Fact Book, undergraduate enrollment consists of 16,658 males, 15,398 females and 69 genders not reported, graduate enrollment consists of 2,747 males, 3,418 females and 48 genders not reported and law student enrollment consists of 228 males, 176 females and zero non-reported genders.

Regarding Fall 2019 enrollment numbers based on ethnic background, according to the Fact Book, enrollment for white students increased from 20,621 to 20,730, enrollment for black students not of Hispanic origin increased from 2,378 to 2,407, enrollment for Hispanic students increased from 10,422 to 10,457, enrollment for Asian students increased from 1,126 to 1,135, enrollment for African American multiracial students increased from 296 to 380, enrollment for students of multiple ethnicities increased from 699 to 927 and enrollment for non-resident international students increased from 2,186 to 2,233.

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