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The College of Education provides and update on the TechTeach program.

The Raise Your Hand Texas Scholarship has been helping Texas Tech students pursue a degree in teaching for a few years.

Sherre Heider, a professional development facilitator for Tech, said the scholarship provides $8,000 of funding each year for four years to assist future teachers in financing their education. The whole point of the scholarship is to fund individuals who are interested in becoming a teacher but are concerned because of the difficulty to pay student loans on a teacher’s salary.

The application will be open on the Raise Your Hand Texas Scholarship website until Dec. 1, Heider said. There typically are 20 to 30 candidates each year.

This scholarship is important because some students may not be able to come to school without it or may be unable to complete their degree without it, Heider said. 

“They’re really trying to transform who goes into the teaching field,” Heider said.

Bailey Tryon, a senior elementary education major from Houston, said she is a recipient of the Raise Your Hand Texas scholarship and said her experience with the scholarship has been great. 

Tryon applied in 2018 in the fall of her sophomore year at Tech and said it was a three-round process. 

The first round was the typical application, resume and letters of recommendation, Tryon said. For round two, applicants were tasked with filming a lesson on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The final round is an interview with the Raise Your Hand Texas staff, Tyron said. Applicants attended training days that helped them prepare for this final interview. These training days lasted almost all day and involved a lot of educators making it a great experience. 

Tryon encourages other teacher candidates at Tech to apply, she said.

“I’m extremely thankful for this scholarship because it helped me and my family financially,” Tryon said. 

For more information about the Raise Your Hand Texas scholarship, visit the Raise Your Hand Texas Scholarship website.

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