The social media company Discord recently released a new feature called ‘Discord Student Hubs,’ which allows college students to get connected with the organizations at their university and for those organizations to have easier access to students.

Taylor Brooks, a second-year information technology major and secretary of the Tech Esports club, talked about how the student hub feature has increased club involvement.

“We have had a really great semester in terms of growth, and I think the Discord hubs feature has been a really big facilitator of that growth,” Brooks said. “We have a lot of people who are interested in our community and what we have to offer, but the vast majority of them aren’t aware that we exist and there’s a place for them here.”

Brooks said the new student hub feature gives students a very clear route to join a club and allows clubs to increase their outreach.

“We started the year with about 200 members on TechConnect, and right now we’re sitting at 438,” Brooks said. “So we saw, essentially, in combination with other recruiting efforts, practically a doubling of membership this semester.”

Brooks said Discord helped him find friends on campus in his freshman year during the pandemic.

“My freshman year was COVID, and I wasn’t in as much social spaces as I would like to be,” Brooks said. “I made some great friends online who are now my closest friends in Lubbock and I met them through the club, and it was because there wasn’t as many social opportunities that were in your typical semester.

Ben Smith, a fourth-year history student and officer of the Texas Tech Young Democratic Socialists of America, said the Discord hub feature has allowed more students to get involved on campus.

“I added [our server] to the Discord hub and I noticed that there was a large number of people that had joined the Discord server,” Smith said. “Discord hubs is definitely a great tool for getting people in [a club], it’s another kind of advertising.”

Smith said Discord is a good avenue to get involved on campus, especially for those that came to Tech during the online semesters.

“I have a friend who just started up a Discord server, TTU Board Games,” Smith said. “He plugged it into the Discord hub and got a bunch of people involved and now they’re playing board games. It’s a great way to meet people and improve your quality of life on campus.”

Trevor Wilson, a third-year economics student at Tech, said Discord helped him find friends on campus.

“In my freshman year, I joined the Tech Esports club and played on their 'Overwatch' team,” Wilson said. “The 'Overwatch' team was a really nice group to be a part of, it helped me a group of friends at Tech and really feel like a part of the university.”

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