Different departments and facilities in the City of Lubbock will face closures and changes to their capacity and scheduling due to the risk of COVID-19.

Changes to department operations, according to a City of Lubbock news release, include:

  • City operations: Lubbock City Council, board and commission meetings will be hosted virtually until further notice.
  • Development Services: The lobby will be limited to no more than three customers at a time, and virtual meetings will be hosted. People are encouraged to submit permit applications and plans through the Citizen Self Service Portal.
  • Lubbock Memorial Civic Center: Public events will be closed through December 2020.
  • City athletic complexes: No rentals of complexes will be allowed. Previously scheduled turf practices may continue at Berl Huffman Athletic Complex through Nov. 23.
  • Museums: Facilities will remain open to the public, but there will be no rentals or in-person programming, and virtual programming will continue.
  • Community centers: Centers will be closed as of Nov. 23 with the exception of the senior lunch program continuing with curbside or delivery options.
  • The Garden and Arts Center: No events with more than 10 people will be hosted.
  • Libraries: These will remain open with no food or drinks being allowed inside, no in-person programs and no room rentals. Curbside and delivery options still are available.
  • Municipal Court: The number of defendants will be limited in both courtrooms, and lobby capacity will be reduced to 10 people. Jury trials will not be hosted until Feb. 1, 2021, which is a date subject to change.
  • Public health: The main doors will be locked, but the doors to the STD clinic will act as an entrance for all clinic visits. Reduced schedules will continue, and drive-up vaccinations will be offered when feasible.
  • Citibus: Current COVID-19 measures will continue, and masks will be mandatory on all buses and affiliated facilities.
  • Shelter operations: Lubbock Animal Services will continue intake by appointment only and limit citizen capacity to 15 people in the facility at one time. Cat room capacity will be limited to one group per room.
    • For volunteering, orientation will be limited to 10 people, and volunteer capacity will be limited to three volunteers in the facility at one time.
  • Field operations: Operations will continue to operate around the clock each day of the week. Animal-to-human bite case investigations will be conducted over the phone or via other electronic means when the victim is in a healthcare facility

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