Coliseum Demolition

Texas Tech continues demolition on the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

Whether it be the second Experimental Sciences Building, Lubbock Municipal Coliseum or the Frazier Alumni Pavilion, Texas Tech students have witnessed the rise and fall of structures on campus this year.

As students are finishing this spring semester, they may take one last look at the facilities on campus and return in the fall to see updated construction sites.

The demolition of the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum and Auditorium at 2720 Drive of Champions is one of the campus sights students can see changing before their eyes.

Chris Cook, managing director of the Tech Office of Communications and Marketing, said there is no exact date of the demolition’s completion, but Tech System Facilities Planning and Construction plans to complete it before the start of the upcoming football season.

“This space is highly trafficked and used during the season,” he said.

In addition to completing the demolition before the football season, Cook said accommodations will be made to avoid interfering with the current baseball season.

Regarding the space left after the demolition, Cook said Tech President Lawrence Schovanec and his team are still discussing how the area will be utilized.

Stacy Stockard, media relations coordinator at Tech Transportation and Parking Services, said there will be some added traffic as the coliseum demolition continues.

“Our department stays in contact with all those responsible parties to make sure that we can keep the impact as minimal as possible to our students, employees and visitors,” she said.

In addition to the coliseum, Stockard said the reconstruction of 18th Street from Hartford to Flint Avenue is another project that will take place during the summer. The buses will come out to 19th Street, and the exact routes and a completion date are still being finalized.

Information regarding the location of certain parking lots can be found on the Tech Parking Map on the TPS website.  

Regardless of the details of the coliseum demolition and road reconstruction, the expansion of the Frazier Alumni Pavilion at 2680 Drive of Champions is another project on campus one may notice.

Chris Snead, vice president of operations and engagement at the Tech Alumni Association, said the Frazier Alumni Pavilion is a 10,000 square foot facility for events. The expansion for the pavilion will consist of an addition of 16,000 square feet.

In the fall, Snead said the expansion, which was planned around four years ago, will result in the elimination of the sidewalk on the east side of the building. This sidewalk will be replaced with a new walkway that will go through the Masked Rider plaza from the C2 parking lot to the center of campus.

“An average of 7,000 students walk by that building every day,” Snead said. “What we want is to give something that all of our alumni and friends can be proud of.”

In addition to facilities that will benefit the Tech community, students can also expect facilities set to improve research on campus.

Tech College of Arts and Sciences Dean W. Brent Lindquist said the construction of the Experimental Sciences Building II at 7413 Main St. will be completed in the upcoming fall semester.

“This is to be a lab building, a faculty-research lab building,” he said.

Whether it be the Tech Physics and Geosciences building or the Biology building, Lindquist said most science buildings are at capacity and cannot support modern research.

“If we’re going to expand our research,” he said, “we need state-of-the art facilities and more facilities in order to grow our research profile.”

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