As the number of COVID-19 cases in Lubbock continue to slow down, City of Lubbock officials hosted a virtual press conference on Tuesday to discuss new information about case numbers and health and safety guidelines.

As of the press conference, 4552 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Lubbock community. 2491 are recovered cases while 1682 are active cases. The death toll sits at 66 people. 

Katherine Wells, director of the Lubbock Health Department, said that the case numbers are still high but not like the spike the city saw in the previous weeks. 

"Controlling the spread of COVID-19 requires the entire community," said Wells.

If you test positive, stay home said Wells. There is no way the Health Department can control the spread if people don't isolate for a minimum of 10 days.

Face coverings can help reduce the spread, Wells said while citing a recent CDC report concerning two symptomatic hair dressers and a hundred client wearing face coverings. In the report sixty-seven of the hundred clients were tested and the results came back as negative.

Dr. Ronald Cook, local health authority, said that the data about the virus is constantly changing, therefore, we must adapt to the new discoveries. Health authorities thought the virus could not spread before a person became symptomatic but the new data is suggesting otherwise, said Dr. Cook while giving an example. 

"We need to keep up the fight. We need to wash our hand, we need to socially distance, and we need wear our facial covering." said Dr. Cook.

When commenting on vaccines, Dr. Cook said that some are moving to clinical trial which is promising but that we still have a while from having an approved vaccine. Vaping is now considered a risk factor for COVID-19 complications, said Dr. Cook and encouraged people to visit their primary care physicians to help with quitting.

Children the age group of 10-19 do spread COVID-19 while not showing any symptoms, said Dr. Cook while citing a report released in South Korea.

"We are doing a great job and let's continue to push forward," said Dr. Cook in closing.

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope thanked community in helping the city to safely reopen. He also went on to say thank you to both local and cooperate business that have mandated customers to wear mask before entering.

"I appreciate you guys. I'm thankful for your effort, please wear your masks," said Mayor Pope in closing.

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