Student Government Association Meeting

The Texas Tech Student Government Association senators had their first meeting of the 2019 fall semester at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, in the Media and Communication building.

Members of the Student Government Association hosted a meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday to discuss legislation.

It was mentioned that an SGA representative will participate in the Council of Graduate Schools, which provides the opportunity for campus leaders from all over the United States to travel to Capitol Hill to discuss various graduate initiatives. Adam Disque, graduate vice president, will represent Tech and share some of the work taking place on Tech’s campus.

Committee members spoke in turn to report legislative progress concerning colleges and student interests.

Eight of the senate resolutions were moved to third reading and final passage. Items that were voted on by members of the Senate and passed include:

  • Showing support to the Texas A&M University Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Resources Center by hosting, “Draggieland,” a drag show Texas A&M has been under scrutiny for hosting, specifically by, which states the drag show goes against traditional, Christian A&M beliefs and may be offensive to some.
  • Sponsoring and participating in the Raider Red Food Pantry CANstruction event.
  • Working to implement an alumni networking platform to increase transparency and the likelihood of getting a job after graduation.
  • Expanding the University Career Center Closet to benefit target groups such as students registered with Student Disability Services, first-generation students, the Military and Veterans Programs and Raider Red’s Food Pantry users.
  • Updating the damaged seats inside the University Library on-campus.
  • Asking Tech to reflect on its athletic recruitment methods. Tech representatives perform academic checks on potential student-athletes but do not perform a background check for Title IX violations. For the safety of students, SGA members have reached out to Tech officials, asking them to think about performing more extensive background checks before signing athletes.
  • Concerning feminine hygiene receptacles in certain areas on Tech’s campus where either limited or no disposal units are available. It was voted on to promote access to clean, safe feminine hygiene disposal units across all areas of campus.

It was also agreed upon to send congratulations to all those mentioned during the meeting including Tech for the establishment of a regional site on the Midland College campus, Tech’s Nutrition and Metabolic Health Initiative for obtaining new space within the first floor of the Tech Plaza and Patrick Mahomes II for his performance in the Super Bowl.

Other legislation moved to second reading include:

  • An increase in first year engagement by reaching out to new students to recruit a more diversified body of SGA representatives.
  • The implementation of a workshop to help students enrolled in the College of Education feel and be better prepared for the workforce.
  • Supplemental funding to undergraduate and graduate organizations. The total amount of money intended for undergraduate groups is $358,649; the total amount for graduate organizations is $69,475, according to the SGA meeting agenda.

A resolution concerning quite hours in the Rawls College of Business was not moved, as the authors said they would like to rework the idea.

Information was shared concerning the upcoming Town Hall meeting from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 20 at the International Affairs Building in the Hall of Nations and the Internship Fair, which is planned for March 4.

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