Board Of Regents Meeting

Dr. Tedd L. Mitchell, was appointed as the new Chancellor at Texas Tech University at 4 p.m, on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018, in the Texas Tech University System Administration Building. The Board voted unanimously to appoint Mitchell as the new Chancellor

Admission policies, Student Government Association reports and achievements of Texas Tech community members were topics discussed after the Board of Regents reconvened for a second meeting today.

The Tech System BOR approved minutes and committee reports from the Board meeting that took place on May 16 and considered the progress of the System’s institutions during a meeting at 8:30 a.m. on May 17 at 1508 Knoxville Ave. in the Tech System Administration Building.  

During the meeting, presidents of each institution within the Tech System addressed their current admission policies.

Tech System Chancellor and President of the Tech Health Sciences Center Tedd L. Mitchell discussed the HSC’s admission policies and the nationwide college admissions scandal that was spotlighted in March.

“The genesis of all of this was the recent admissions scandal that occurred nationwide,” he said regarding the need to review the institutions’ admission policies. “The government was asking Board members to examine admissions policies and procedures to ensure that employees are not engaged in any kind of fraudulent schemes or quid pro quos against students.”

Within the HSC, Mitchell said admissions, the development of admission processes and decisions regarding admissions are set at the school level, not the university level.

Tech President Lawrence Schovanec, HSC El Paso President Richard Lange and Angelo State University President Brian May also addressed their admission policies, which include a variety of factors, such as test scores, continually reviewing the admission processes and safeguards to prevent cheating.

In addition to the System presidents being present at the meeting, each institution's SGA president discussed their legislation efforts. HSC El Paso SGA President Albert Romero, HSC SGA President Tobi Saliu, ASU SGA President Brayden Woods and Tech SGA President David Rivero noted the number of legislative pieces that have been passed this year.

At Tech, Rivero said his administration is working on implementing a centralized attendance system, spreading awareness about physical and mental health of students and providing alternative parking passes. He said the centralized attendance system is an initiative he and his team are already working to accomplish.

“Our students are actually paying extra on top of textbooks just for attendance applications,” Rivero said.

Regardless of the efforts being made throughout the Tech System, honors were also given to individuals and groups within the Tech community.

Tech’s 57th Masked Rider Lyndi Starr and former Raider Red John Brown were honored for their service to the university. Aliza Wong, associate professor in the Tech Department of History and associate dean of the Honors College, was also honored for being selected as a 2019 Piper Professor, which is an honor that recognizes her achievements as a professor.

The Tech Co-Ed Cheer and Pom squads were also recognized for their achievements, which include wins at a national competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.

In addition to recognizing the work of Tech community members, one member of the Board was also recognized.

Student Regent Jane Gilmore, whose term expires on May 31, expressed her thanks to the Board and members of the Tech System.

“In short year, I have seen a new chancellor, a new head football coach, new chairman, new regents and survived the most of legislative session,” Gilmore said. “I am incredibly grateful and humble for the opportunity the position of student regent of the Texas Tech University System has given me.”

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