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Mike Gilbert, vice president of Breeding & Trait Development for Bayer Crop Science, addresses Tech Tech administrators during a press conference announcing a $19.3 million contribution from Bayer CropScience on Thursday in the National Ranching Heritage Center.

Texas Tech received a $19.3 million contribution from Bayer CropScience to benefit research programs and projects in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Thursday, Texas Tech System Chancellor Kent Hance said.

The contribution has been submitted for an equal amount of state matching funds from the Texas Research Incentive Program (TRIP), according to a news release from Tech. This would increase the total amount to $38.6 million and would be the largest cash investment for research in Tech’s history.

Bayer CropScience’s goal, and its hope for increased research through Tech, will help the consumer and increase possibilities, Frank Terhorst, global head of seed at Bayer CropScience, said.

“We are most looking forward to this research money going to providing the next generation of solutions in feeding the masses,” he said, “and also increasing investigative technology at Bayer CropScience, and Texas Tech University.”

Bayer is a global company with branches in healthcare, high-tech material and agriculture, according to the release. Bayer CropScience, the subgroup of Bayer, deals in agriculture.

The contribution will impact not only Tech, but also the community and region as well, M. Duane Nellis, president of Tech, said.

“This also provides unmatched employment opportunities for our graduates as well,” he said.

This donation will also bring more doctorate-level professors and researchers to Tech to propel it into the title of a national research university, he said.

“As we continue to build Texas Tech University into that next level of excellence, 21st century, land-grant like universities like Texas Tech University, the way they are going to move forward are through partnering with industry,” Nellis said. “We want to be more entrepreneurial. We want to be more creative and innovative.”

Mike Galyean, dean of the college, said this contribution would greatly benefit the college.

“The Ag Sciences Department has been able to work with Bayer CropSciences around the globe and here in Lubbock to work on research projects that have equaled about $8 million in initiatives thus far,” he said.

The way to move forward in the industry is through partnering with industry like they are, he said, and he is excited about the opportunities this donation is presenting to Tech for both research, as well as propelling Tech to the 2020 goal.

“We’re working on a location on campus for Bayer CropSciences,” Galyean said, “and we’re seeing greater opportunities for them to participate on graduate committees. Finding more opportunities like these will bring Texas Tech into a Tier One institution.”

Mike Gilbert, vice president for Global Breeding and Trait Development at Bayer CropScience, received both his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from Tech.

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