Babar Khan, managing director of Payroll Services at Texas Tech, died this week from unknown causes.

The date of death has yet to be determined, but Grace Hernandez, chief of staff and assistant vice president of administration said Khan was found at his apartment Wednesday.

Hernandez said Khan, who worked for the university for six years and reported to her, had been ill, but no one knew his illness was so severe.

Hernandez said she learned of Khan’s death after he failed to show up for work Wednesday.

According to a police report, Khan’s office in Doak Hall has been sealed off so family can retrieve his belongings.

Before working at Tech, Hernandez said in a follow-up email, Khan received a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Karachi in Pakistan and a Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting from Leicester Polytechnic in England.

Khan worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for about 10 years and was a certified public accountant.

Hernandez said Khan was a numbers-person who enjoyed his job.  

“One of the things various people and administrators have said about him is that he was a great numbers-person,” she said, “and that’s so important in that role because it provides more of a broad-based ability to analyze what’s going on with respect to employees and things such as salary, and all of those things. He was always helpful to everyone across campus.”

Khan had approximately 20 employees, Hernandez said, who were loyal to Khan and will miss him.

“He’s someone who’s going to be missed a great deal not only because of his knowledge and skills,” she said, “but also because he was an extremely nice person and supervisor, and all of his staff are feeling very, very sad about this right now. He mentored all of them, and it became a better department because of him.”

Hernandez said she spoke with one of Khan’s relatives about a possible memorial service at Tech.

“Our employees, we consider them part of the Texas Tech family,” she said, “and we want to be able to thank him and his family for sharing him with us and having him be part of our campus community, and we couldn’t have done the things that we did without Babar, so hopefully we can have (a possible memorial service) in the near future.”

Jeff Deitiker, assistant managing director of Payroll Services, is serving as the interim managing director, Hernandez said.

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