Technology in the classroom

Colleges such as Wyoming Catholic College have banned cellphone use in residence halls and classrooms to promote student academic success. Texas Tech students, faculty and staff, however, said they see the need for technology in the classroom.

Students use their phones for contacting others, taking notes, taking pictures and research.

Classrooms use social media for projects and Twitter for classroom discussions. At Texas Tech, students have the opportunity to practice the freedom of having a cellphone with them at all times.

However, that’s starting to not be the case for many students across the country.

Colleges across America have begun to ban cellphones so students will be disconnected from their technological lives and focus more on themselves during the academic year.

One college that has administered the ban heavily upon its students is Wyoming Catholic College.  

Not only are the students banned from cellphones but also television, and most websites are banned in residence hall rooms, according to the college’s website.

Before the start of the school year, all students at Wyoming Catholic were asked to give up their phones to student leaders. Students are allowed to check the phones out for emergencies, or if they have to leave campus to travel, according to the website.

Tech students seem to share a different outlook on technology bans.

Tina Welch, a sophomore business finance major from Lubbock, said she believes that cellphone bans, if not administered correctly, could lead to invasion of privacy.

“I don’t think a cellphone ban would be effective at Texas Tech,” she said. “I don’t see how they would categorize and organize so many phones. Of course, there’s so much sensitive information such as emails, bank accounts and everything. If you don’t have passcodes, then someone could bypass that. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my phone somewhere all day.”

Other students believe the system would be flawed and could be used for unauthorized ways of obtaining money.

Harmen Schroots, a freshman mechanical engineering major from El Paso, said he would feel very uneasy with his phone being in the hands of someone else during the school year.

“Someone can go through the phones and, if they don’t have a code, someone could get into their phone and obtain information and then sell the information,” he said. “Also, if our phones weren’t held in a location near us, then we’d have to walk and waste extra time just to get our phones, and college students need as much time as they can get to study.”

Many classrooms at Tech use technology in their everyday curriculum.

College of Media and Communication public relations adviser, Miranda Russell, said she sees both sides to the argument, but believes technology is vital in a classroom for both the student and teacher.

“I think it’s a double-edged sword. I personally use a laptop to take notes in the classroom, but I do agree that people, with laptops for example, use their technology to go on Facebook and Twitter,” Russell said. “On the opposite side, we are a school that promotes social media. Sometimes, our professors are saying ‘Let’s tweet this’ in class. For instance, my class now watches clips of different videos and we’re asked to tweet about it. Social media is a part of our class. In terms of academics, I can see how it would be beneficial to ban them. However, at the same time, technology is a vital tool.”

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