On March 8, 1857, women in New York City factories staged one of the first protests for better working conditions for women.

Since then, March has been celebrated as women’s history month to celebrate how far women have come, according to Movoto Real Estate.

“A lot has changed for women since that rally in New York City but as we know, the workplace still isn’t always equal,” Randy Nelson, content editor for Movoto, said.

According to a past article by The Daily Toreador, women still make less money than their male counterparts in the workforce, but Movoto has conducted a survey deciding the top ten cities for female professionals.

According to that survey, Lubbock was ranked the No. 1 best city for businesswomen.

Andrea Romi, assistant professor in the Rawls College of Business, said she has lived in other places over the United States but said she really enjoys Lubbock.

“I think one of the things I like most about Lubbock is that it’s small enough so that you can get around quickly. So like in one day you can get anywhere but you can also travel,” she said. “In the same town that you live in you also have access to anywhere. So for me, accessibility is great for me here in Lubbock.”

The only other Texas cities to appear on the list were Corpus Christi at No. 3 and Laredo at No. 9.

New York City, contrary to popular belief, did not make it into the top 50 on the list, which researchers found surprising.

“We always see happy young professionals in Manhattan,” Nelson said, “but that wasn’t what we found when we conducted the survey.”

The surveyors looked at five different measurable categories to come up with the list, according to the survey.

These categories were commute time, recent job growth, unemployment rank, adjusted earnings for women (average earnings adjusted for the cost of living) and the number of women’s professional groups per capita, Nelson said.

“The biggest thing for me is to live in an environment where I’m allowed to work very hard,” Romi said, “but then at the same time be allowed to participate and enjoy my children and family.”

They then took this data and applied it to each of the 100 largest cities in the country and each city was ranked, according to the survey.

Lubbock ranked at the top of many of these categories and as a result, was picked as the top city for female professionals.

“Lubbock is generally known as a college town,” Nelson said, “but we’ve recently found that it really is one of the best places for female professionals.”

Lubbock had the lowest average commute time of any other city, 18 minutes, and has had recent job growth of 3.19 percent and an unemployment rate of 5.5 percent.

These numbers were not the only reason for Lubbock’s ability to stand out when put up against many cities from around the nation.

“Lubbock is home to a National Association of Professional Women chapter,” Nelson said,” and once the average women’s weekly salary was adjusted for Lubbock’s cost of living, Lubbock was one of the top 30 cities on our list in terms of adjusted earnings for women.”

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