Arrested Texas Tech football players Jace Amaro and Kenny Williams had attempted to use credit cards belonging to another football player and a former baseball walk-on, according to a report filed by the Lubbock Police Department.

Amaro and Williams, both freshmen, were arrested March 9 on two state felony charges for credit/debit card abuse and misrepresentation of age by a minor, according to statements released by their attorneys March 13. Amaro also was issued a Class A misdemeanor offense of possession/use of an altered driver’s license.

The police report said the students, both 19, were in possession of 22-year-old Harrison Holmes’ Bank of America card and attempted to use the card to purchase alcoholic drinks at the Firehouse Grill and Bar on Buddy Holly Avenue. The report states the card was used without the owners consent. Amaro also attempted to use a fake ID to purchase the drinks.

Amaro and Williams also were in possession of a card belonging to sophomore Trent Williams.

Blayne Beal, associate director of media relations for Tech athletics, confirmed Holmes was on the university’s 2008 baseball roster, though he did not make the team the following spring.

Beal also confirmed Trent Williams is on the 2012 football roster, and is Amaro and Kenny Williams’ friend and roommate.

A magistrate released the football players on their personal recognizance March 10, pending further investigation by law enforcement.

Jonathan Stewart, of the Lubbock Police Department, said the case is still under investigation.

Chuck Lanehart, from Lubbock and attorney for Amaro, said in a statement released March 13 that his client maintains his innocence.

“Jace (Amaro) denies committing the offenses for which he was arrested and he looks forward to a thorough investigation that will clear him of these accusations,” Lanehart said. “He cooperated fully with the management of the bar in question and he answered all of their questions. He cooperated with the police and responded to all of their questions.”

David Hazlewood of Lubbock, the attorney for Kenny Williams, said his client also maintains his innocence.

“Kenny (Williams) denies the allegations for which he was arrested and is confident that a full investigation will clear him of this charge,” he wrote. “He has cooperated with all involved by answering the questions posed by the bar management and the Lubbock Police Department.”

Amaro, a tight end for the Red Raiders, and Kenny Williams, a running back, both experienced some playing time last season and are expected to be integrated even more so this upcoming season.

Last year, Kenny Williams ran the ball 43 times, totaling 135 yards, and scored two touchdowns. Most of his rushing attempts came after starting running back Eric Stephens went down with a season-ending knee injury. Amaro caught the ball seven times during his first season at Tech, for a total of 57 yards, and also got into the end zone twice.

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