couples still found a way to celebrate the special day. 

CORRECTION: Originally, the story said Lubbock received 7.6 inches of snow on Feb. 14. We have corrected the story with the correct amount. 

Lovebirds across Lubbock came to be disappointed this past Valentine’s Day due to unexpected inclement weather. According to the National Weather Service, Lubbock received 1.4 inches of snow on Feb. 14. 

“I originally had plans with my boyfriend to go out to dinner Saturday night and then get brunch on Sunday, but as we watched the weather, we knew we had to cancel,” Alexis Garcia, a junior biochemistry major from San Benito, said.

Lubbock is no stranger to snow. However, with low visibility and frostbite-inducing wind, couples around town decided to improvise their Valentine’s Day plans and stay home for the weekend.

“Thankfully, we had been to the grocery store before the snow got too bad, so I got my flowers a day early, and we were able to cook a nice steak dinner at home and watch TV all weekend,” Garcia said.

Grocery stores quickly filled with people trying to stock up and prepare for being snowed in. Stores such as Market Street offered premade meals for two for Valentine’s Day, which ended up being the solution to many couple’s foiled plans for the holiday.

“We knew we were going to get snowed in and have to cancel our dinner reservations, so we went to the store before the roads fully froze over and got groceries and things to make dinner together instead,” Lachlan Taylor, a business management major from McKinney, said of his plans with his girlfriend.

Snowed in is exactly what many couples ended up being with the snow continuing to fall throughout the weekend. The weather caused the closures of many school districts in the area as well as Tech for the following week, according to the National Weather Service updates.

“It was crazy. Day after day, we kept getting emails that school was canceled. Nobody could go anywhere. We were all just stuck inside,” Tandem Ditzel, a junior kinesiology major from Breckenridge, Texas, said.

Many people across Lubbock and Texas as a whole lost power and water because of the storm. Lubbock Power and Light warned of rolling blackouts throughout the week due to the power grids being unable to handle the amount of energy being used.

“We lost power for a while,” Taylor said. “So, we played card games and went sledding in the snow like we were kids again. I got in trouble for trying to start a snowball fight with my girlfriend, but we laughed about it and had fun.”

Even though Valentine’s Day this year was derailed, couples and single students alike managed to enjoy the holiday and the week off from classes.

“I think there was less pressure this year to impress and do a big Valentine’s Day,” Ditzel said. “We got to just spend quality time together and chill, which I enjoy more anyways.”

The weather in Lubbock cleared up towards the end of the week, bringing sunshine that cleared the icy roads and brought lives back to normal after several days of shutting down and canceling plans.

“I don’t feel the need to make up for this year’s Valentine’s Day now that the weather has cleared. We made the most of it, and it ended up being just as special as our initial plans would have been,” Garcia said.

“This year has taught me not to expect anything, ‘So a freak snowstorm causing us to change plans?’ That sounds about right. I’m just glad we’re all safe, and that I could spend time with (his girlfriend),” Taylor said.

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