Red and balck streamers blow in wind

Red and black streamers blow in the wind on Sept. 10, 2021. On the nights leading up to football games, the Texas Tech Saddle Tramps tie streamers around campus to celebrate the upcoming game. Kylie Graf, a third-year, advertising major from San Antonio said that "if there is an option for people to go to games with a more normal capacity level, it will bring up more school spirit." Her favorite part of game day is "tailgating, hanging out with friends and sharing school spirit."

From tailgating to getting the perfect TV setup, each student has their own way of preparing for a Texas Tech football game.

Spencer Roberson, a first-year human sciences student from Castle Rock, Colorado, went to Tech’s game against Florida International University on Sept. 18. Roberson said in the week leading up to game day, he and his friends prepared their tailgate plans, such as where to meet and what to wear.

“Recently, I like going to the concerts that they’ve had, like with Shaq and — I don’t know the last person, I forgot his name — but those, that was really fun to go to since there’s a lot of stuff to do and all that,” Roberson said.

He said he recommends that students attend football festivities with others for a more fun experience. As for Tech’s performance on the field, Roberson said there is still time to see how fans will react for the rest of the season.

The best part of being at the game itself, Roberson said, are the score celebrations.

“I like when they get a first down, and it’ll be, like, the guns up, I like the cannon going off every touchdown and the fireworks going off after a win as well,” Roberson said.


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