As the assistant director of The Double T Varsity Club, the official letterwinner organization for Texas Tech, Kami Fryar said she starts her day around 2 p.m. on game days.

The Double T Varsity Club, she said, is an association whose goal is to support and honor previous athletes who have played sports for Tech.

Fryar said she invites a specific former athlete and their family, setting up a tailgate to celebrate the football game.

“So what we do is we have a tailgate at the engineering key — starts from — it’s three hours before kickoff," Fryar said. "At three, and we’ll go out there and set up so it’s all former athletes and their family and friends." 

Fryar said when the game gets going, she and her team usually plan certain segments to do during the game or when the game enters halftime. The segments usually depend on the person or people they have invited. 

“Going into the actual game when it starts, we always bring back a former player to introduce during a timeout or at halftime," she said.

Athletes that do come down will be introduced on the sideline and a small video will be played to give a little background of the player, Fryar said.

“Once we do that, we’re kind of done — about an hour, hour and a half into the game, we’ll make sure our guests are where they need to be, they’re all situated," Fryar said.

Fryar said she and her team make it a priority to create a caring space for the former Tech athletes who contributed their talents to the school and sports teams. 

“We just make sure our former players still feel welcomed to come back to Tech, and that’s why we provide all these services for them, so they can still feel connected, feel like they belong and also just kind of give back from their time that they were here as a student athlete," Fryar said.

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