As the associate athletic trainer for Texas Tech Football, Michael Ramirez said he begins his game day six hours before kickoff.

The routine is very different depending on whether the game is at home or away.

“It is all a matter of how we have to prepare for the game,” Ramirez said. “When we’re at Jones we can use the old training room ... right down the stairs, but when we are away we have to pack everything up and make use of the small spaces they give us.”

He said it takes about two hours to get everything set up on the field, including water, tables and any supplies his team may need. After that, all of the athletic trainers take about an hour to eat and decompress.

“The players show up about two hours before the game, and at that point we’re all goin’ and blowin’,” Ramirez said. “We work hard to make sure everyone gets taped, massaged and has any IVs they need for extra fluids.”

Working as an athletic trainer takes a lot of work, Ramirez said.

“We work 310 days out of the year to make the 12 game days count, but it is so worth it," he said.

Ramirez worked as an athletic trainer for four years before coming to Tech, but said Lubbock has been, by far, his favorite place to be.

“More than anything I love the people here," Ramirez said. "The students and fans make it so welcoming every time. I love it."

He said his favorite part of game day is making the Jones super loud, or if the team is playing away, making the home team go quiet.

“It’s the best knowing that the other team goes home in silence after a loss,” Ramirez said.

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