The Selfless Lovers Band performed at The Cotton Court Hotel from 8 p.m. -11 p.m. after the Texas Tech football game on Sept. 26. The show was free and open to the public.

Nik Parr, the band’s pianist, saxophonist and singer-songwriter said the band’s sound is a rock n’ roll and soul sound, and the music is danceable and fun.

“We play catchy high energy sounds but with a 70s rock n’ roll feel,” Parr said. “Tonight, was a good night to come to play.”

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the band has been doing more shows outside, Parr said. The weather has been good, and it has been enjoyable.

The band plays around the state of Texas, Parr said. Shows range from Austin, Amarillo and Dallas, and he said having the opportunity to play around the state is awesome.

“Lubbock has a music scene,” Parr said. “I think it is pretty cool up here. I like it.”

Blue Light was the first place in Lubbock where the band had had a show. The band was an opener for another band, Parr said. Lubbock is a cool place and it has cool people.

Starting Parr, performed playing his saxophone in Austin bars, he said. Eventually he started playing with another artist and the band was formed about two years ago.

“I was a student at University of Texas, studying marketing," Parr said. “I began having some guys rehearsing in a living room with me in West Campus.”

The band has a good story, Parr said. The band started playing at a few less than reputable bars in Austin and have just grown form there.

"Austin is a cool place, because it has such great opportunities for musicians," Parr said. 

Some of the band members have changed through the years, Parr said.

“We are at a point now where we have so many shows that the guys have to dedicate a lot of time,” Parr said. “But it is cool to see how far we have come, being able to do this professionally."

Parr said seeing the different type of people who come to the shows is rewarding.

“It is powerful to see what music can do,” Parr said. “I enjoy seeing everyone dancing.”

The music is intended to make people want to dance, Parr said. It is an upbeat sound that that gets people excited.

Parr said he would suggest "Gimme Time," and "How Far is Love," for a first listen.

“The Selfless Lovers will release their next album in the upcoming month,” Parr said. “The band is excited to release it.”

Find more information about the band at The Selfless Lovers website and Instagram @THESELFLESSLOVERSMUSIC.

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