Bid Day Fall 2017

Kappa Kappa Gamma members welcome their littles and the new pledge class at Greek Circle on Bid Day, August 26, 2017.

The anticipation built as more than 200 girls held their yellow envelopes and waited for the countdown. Shouts of joy filled the United Supermarkets Arena as they finally opened their bids and found out which Greek house they will call home for the next four years.

All 12 Panhellenic sororities gathered together and finished recruitment week with Bid Day on Saturday, while the 25 fraternities had their bid day on Friday.

“Bid day is my favorite part about recruitment,” Kimberly Thornton, director of Center of Campus Life, said. “There is a lot of stress and anxiousness with recruitment week, but bid day is an exciting way to end the week.”

Recruitment is a week-long process that lets the prospective members visit the individual sorority houses and meet the people who belong to them. This process gives students a chance to find which chapter they fit into the best.

Bid Day Fall 2017

Sara Rodriquez, a junior PR and advertising major from Flower Mound, poses with Madison Martin, a sophomore kinesiology major from Plano, at the Chi Omega house at Greek Circle on Bid Day, August 26, 2017.

“It is truly a mutual selection process for both the men and the women,” Thornton said. “On the sorority side, the 12 parties decide who they want back, and the prospects pick where they want to go. The computer then matches up the girls and the houses based on their picks. The men are very similar but a little different. The chapters invite the men they want to their parties throughout the week, and out of the parties they were invited to, the men chose which ones they want to attend. Unlike the women who decide at the same time, the men’s chapters are choosing first, and the men are choosing second.”

Bid day is the last day of recruitment where the prospects receive their bid from the sorority or fraternity they have gotten into.

“Bid day is my favorite because it is really cool to see the smile on all our men’s faces when they receive their bids,” Colton Davis, fraternity vice president of recruitment, said. “It’s the last day, and the men know that they are finally done. It is an exciting experience.”

Bid Day Fall 2017

Delta Gamma members welcome the new pledge class off the busses at Greek Circle on Bid Day, August 26, 2017.

Most students who go through recruitment are incoming freshmen; however, upperclassmen are encouraged to go through the process, as well.

“I think upperclassmen should go through recruitment,” Davis, a senior chemistry major from Mansfield, said. “Within the fraternity system, we have men from the army and who have served in the military come and join when they are 22-24 years old, and they fit in just fine. The older people can be kind of like a mentor to the group. Not only to their pledge class, but to the fraternity as a whole.”

Bid Day Fall 2017

Girls celebrate at the United Supermarkets Arena after finding out what sorority they were invited to join on Bid Day, August 26, 2017.

Once the members have joined their chapters, the liability begins.

“I like the accountability aspect of it,” Jordan Alnemer, sorority assistant director of recruitment, said. “You always have people sitting beside you saying, ‘You can do this.’ They also hold you to higher standards. Greek life at Tech has a higher GPA than the overall undergraduate GPA. We make our members have mandatory study hours to keep their grades up.”

Along with keeping students focused on their studies, Thornton said Greek life has many beneficial aspects.

“It’s a great way to meet people,” she said. “Greek life makes Tech seem a little bit smaller and gives students that core group of friends. There are also leadership and public-speaking opportunities. Students make contacts with alumnus and build those professional contacts.”

Students must sign up to go through the formal recruitment process beforehand. Not every student who begins the week finishes.

“We have a lot of withdraws for a variety of reasons,” Thornton said. “Students select themselves out of the process because something has come up, or they want to go a different direction. I say students should go through recruitment and see if they like it or not. Greek life may not be for them, but it could lead to something great.”

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