Texas Tech fans tailgated to kicked off the 2020 football season, tailgaters gathered around Jones AT&T Stadium following new COVID-19 safety measures.

All Tech sponsored tailgating events are not permitted for the 2020 football season, according to the updated safety measures at Jones AT&T Stadium. However, all personal tailgating is permitted as long as there are no more than 10 people at each tailgate.

“We are excited that Tech is allowed to play,” Trey Ogletree said. “We are thankful that our conference is allowing us to do this safely and effectively.”

The family are all Tech grads and fans, Trey Ogletree said. The family enjoys celebrating and supporting the school.

The Ogletree family has been tailgating for 30 years, Sandy Ogletree said. The family enjoys hanging out, drinking, eating and catching up.

“The size of our tailgate has been limited,” Sandy Ogletree said. “But we are all in.”

Alejandro López, 15-year tailgater said, he and his family tailgate as a Tech fan tradition.

López said he has been tailgating since he was younger and is grateful that he can still.

“We are not going to stop the tradition,” López said. “All we have is family here, and we will follow safety guidelines.”

The tailgate is smaller than usual, López said. But the family still can hang out and watch the game.

“We are only allowed to have one tent for tailgating,” López said. “And all tents are required to be at least 10 feet apart.”

The regulations have not stopped the enjoyment of tailgating, López said. The regulations are implemented for safety.

He and his father are Tech alumni and enjoy Tech sports and traditions, López said. His favorite thing about tailgating is spending time with his family and supporting Tech.

Jared Beasley, a Tech fan, said he has been tailgating with his company for many years and is excited to be tailgating this year.

“Tailgating is a tradition,” Beasley said. “I have been tailgating with my company for four or five years now, and we love to support the football team and the university.”

Beasley said his tailgating group cooks food every year, and this year was no different. However, the group has implemented a few of their precautions.

For this tailgate, the group has decided to cook hot dogs, Beasley said. Hot dogs were easy to work with.

“We are precooking everything,” Beasley said. “We are not doing anything where people are hands-on.”

Beasley said some of the precautions include warping the food and having our condiments in small disposable packages.

Taking the extra precautions allows the group to be safe, Beasley said. Limiting the potential risk is essential.

“We come out every home game and give our support,” Beasley said. “I enjoy the camaraderie amongst my co-workers here.”

Beasley said it helps with the group’s communication and connection, and it is nice to see everyone come together outside of work.

“I think that Tech has done a good job with starting the season,” Beasley said. They are making sure that we do have a football season.”

Everyone who loves Tech football is able to come out and support safely, Beasley said. He hopes everyone is tailgating in a safe manner and that they are able to continue.

Tailgating is about tradition and family, Trey Ogletree said. It allows everyone to get together and have a good time.

“We are here to support Coach Wells and our team," Trey Ogletree said. “And we will always be here rain or shine, every day we are Red Raiders.”

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